This is секунда in the series of (planed) three Статьи on characters. This one includes SPOILERS as well and the goal is still the same: To find all the characters that appear in all three books.

Characters that actualy appear:
Eragon - 16 years, Rider
Saphira - Eragon's dragon
Angela - witch and herbalist
Arya - an elf that Эрагон saved, about a century old
Jörmundur - Ajihad's right hand
Nasuada - Ajihad's doughter and Queen of Varden after her father's death
Murtagh - Morzan's son, latter becomes Rider
Orik - dwarf and Eragon's friend
Jarsha - a young boy that shows Эрагон the way to the Council of Elders
Umérth - member of Council of Elders
Falberd - member of Council of Elders
Sabrae - member of Council of Elders
Elessari - member of Council of Elders
Roran - Eragon's cousin
Horst - blacksmith
Baldor - Horst's son, slim and brown-haired
Katrina - Sloan's doughter, Roran's crush; has copper hair
Elain - Horst's wife, 5 months pregnant
Albreich - Horst's son, plump and blonde
Ivor - farmer from Carvahall
Trianna - sorceress, the leader of Du Vrangr Gata; she has dark hair and blue eyes
Orrin - king of Surda
Islanzadí - Queen of elves
Solembum - werecat
Delwin - man from Carvahall
Gedric - tanner from Carvahall
Loring - сапожник from Carvahall
Norfavrell - Quimby's son, 13-years-old
Birgit - Quimby's wife
Thane - man from Carvahall (most likely farmer)
Sloan - butcher from Carvahall
Thorv - dwarf
Undin - chief of Ragni Hefthyn clan
Gannel - chief of Quan clan
Gertrude - healer from Carvahall
Fisk - man from Carvahall
Kiselt - man from Carvahall
Tara - Morn's wife, tall, black hair with gray strands
Cawley - man from Carvahall
Darmmen, Larne, Hamund - Loring's sons
Orval - man from Carvahall
Ridley - man from Carvahall
Ama, Tríhga, Hedin, Ekksvar, Shrrgnien, Duthmer, Thorv - Undin'd guards
Lifaen, Edurna, Celdin, Narí - elves that Эрагон met in Ceris, Lifaen and Narí continue the way with him
Svart - Ivor's unlcle
Felda, Nolla, Calitha - women from Carvahall (Calitha is married to Thane, Felda's husband was Byrd)
Gilderien - an elf
Maud -werecat
Isold - Fisk's wife
Lenna - Delwin's wife
Orval - man from Carvahall
Ethlbert - middle-aged man from Carvahall
Oromis = Togira Ikonoka - an elf Rider
Glaedr - Oromis's golden dragon
Rhunön - old elf, blacksmith that made Rider swords
Vanir - elf that trains with Eragon
Clovis - man from Narda
Torson, Flint - Clovis's men
Wayland - man from Carvahall
Däthedr - an elf
Iduna and Nëya - sisters with dragon tatoo
Mandel - Felda's son
Frewin - Torson's sailor
Odele - young woman from Carvahall
Jeod - ally to Varden; friend of Brom
Helen - Jeod's wife
Rolf - Jeod's servant
Uthar - sailor
Greta - woman that watches over Elva
Irwin - prime minister of Surda
Dahwar - Orrin's seneschal
Fredrik - member of Varden
Harwin - soldier that accidentally launched Стрела at Eragon
Garzhvog - Urgal
Thorn - Murtagh's dragon

Characters that are only mentioned:
Galbatorix - king, Rider
Dempton - man from Therinsford for which Roran worked before he heard that his father was killed
Neil - farmer from Therinsford
Damítha - elf from Sílthrim
Bellaen, Niduen - elves
Dusan and Alanna - elves, children in Ellesméra
Hvedra - Orik's fiancee
Thorgerd, Himinglada - Hvedra's parents
Vardun - Orik's aunt
Gunnar - sailor
Kinnell - shipmaker
Bonden - sailor
Tathal - man, that intended to kill his friend, but Эрагон detected that
Alarice - governor of Dauth

Characters that are dead when the story begins (italics) или characters that die before the end of the book (bold):
Durza - Shade that Эрагон killed
Ajihad - king of Varden, killed by Urgals
Morzan - first and last of the Forsworn; killed by Brom
Brom - Eragon's teacher, Rider; killed by Ra'zacs
Garrow - Roran's father, Eragon's uncle; killed by Ra'zacs
Quimby - man from Carvahall, killed by soldiers and eaten by Ra'zacs
Parr, Wyglif,Ged, Bardrick, Farold, Hale, Garner, Kelby, Melkolf, Albem - men from Carvahall; killed in explosion caused by Ra'zacs
Fäolin and Glenwing - elves that traveled with Arya when Durza attacked them
Maerzadí - an elf that killed himself to save his son
Elmund - Delwin's son; killed by Empire
Sardson - one of the Emperial soldiers; killed by Ra'zacs
Byrd - man from Carvahall; killed by Sloan
Evandar - king of elves; killed during the war with Galbatorix
Palancar - long dead king
Anurin - Vrael's precursor; leader of Riders
Dellanir - Queen of elves
Angrenost - king, dethroned by Galbatorix
Nelda - Brom's mother
Holcomb - Brom's father
Linnëa - elf woman that turned herself into part of Menoa Tree
Iormúngur - Saphira's father
Vervada - Saphira's mother
Vrael - leader of Riders; killed by Galbatorix
Hida, Brenna, Nesbit - old people from Carvahall that die while village is on the run
Tarmunora - Queen of elves
Eragon (not the main character) - first Rider
Drail -assasisn, send to kill Nasuada
Hrothgar - king of dwarfs; killed by Murthag
Twins - two bald magicians; killed by Roran

Note: Since the book is thick, it is very likely that I've missed a few characters. If Ты find any, just Комментарий on that and I will add them.