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I was just wondering about fourth and last book of Inheritance Cycle, what will happen, who will end up with who... Here are some conclusions and potencial spoilers (lol, only Paolini knows if they are). Комментарий about what Ты think, and we will see how much of it will come true!

I have this wierd feeling it`s going to be Arya, and that is for two reasons:
The last dragon is green. Of what colour are Ayra`s eyes? Green. One of her relatives has a rider`s sword. Of what colour? Green.
And Paolini has this something for the colour of Драконы and swords...
Besides, none of...
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I woke up to the thunder outside as i woke up, i could hear my brother Jake, talking to my father. "Do Ты think he will find out about it?" He asked "no" replied my dad i walked in as if i didn't even hear them. "Hey guys whats up?" "Oh nothing." My dad gave him a nudge. "Oh um селезень, дрейк we were wondering if Ты want to go hunting later?" Sure why not. "Great he says." So as we were in the woods i noticed a small egg it looked as if it were a pigeons egg. But it was different so he thought he would raise a bird, after all he had always wanted a pet. "Hey селезень, дрейк lets get back Главная its not too long before dinner. "Alright as they were going he ran into Emily. " oh hi drake". She says "hi Emily." i was just gonna ask if maybe Ты wanted to get something to eat later?" Uh sure." As they were going he noticed something in the air he wondered if it could be a shooting звезда because it was way to big to be a bird.
This is the last in series of three articles. Like Ты probably got from the title, it's a Список of characters. :) But beware! It include SPOILERS!

Characters that actualy appear:
(the categories humans, dwarfs, elves, urgals and Драконы are often just assumpted)
Angela - witch and herbalist
Albreich and Baldor - Horst's sons
Birgit - Quimby's wife
Calitha - woman from Carvahall
Carn - Varden spellcaster
Delwin - man from Carvahall
Darmmen - man from Carvahall
Denwood - Galbytorix's soldier
Edric - Varden captain
Elain - Horst's wife
Elva - witch-child; result of Eragon's gone wrong blessing
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