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Mrs. Saunders: Ты will be flying to Devon, England Dylan.
Dylan: Alright. Um when?
Mrs. Saunders: Now. See Ты Далее semester.
Dylan: Oh-okay.
Mrs. Saunders: Ты have all of your things don’t you?
Dylan: Yeah, of course I do.
Mrs. Saunders: Ты don’t need to bring your guitar.
Dylan: But I need to learn.
Mrs. Saunders: No, (Throws гитара onto table) Ты don’t need it. Ты are a girl who has potential as being a politician.
Dylan: A what?
Mrs. Saunders: Exactly my point. Ты need to pay еще attention to what I am teaching you.
Dylan: But I want to just pass in school. No career deciding until I...
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Lacey (12)
Alejandro (15)
Jude (13)
Hayley (16)

Hannah (17)
Brendon (15)
Luna (14)
Jonesy (13)

Lacey’s Story:
Lacey: My dark story begins on a rather sad день for me. I am at the funeral for my mother and father in Transylvania. I am alone now. I’m only 12. I will live with whoever will take me. (Wonders down a dark alley) Hm… I really miss my parents. (Figure jumps out at Lacey)
Figure: Hello.
Lacey: What’s your name?
Alejandro: Alejandro.
Lacey: Oh well what do Ты want?
Alejandro: Nothing. Just… wow your beautiful. With your platinum blonde hair and white...
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Source: me XD
i Любовь this song with all my сердце :D
wembly stadium
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Mrs. Garcia: Death is upon Ты Violet.
Violet: What? Who-whose death?
Mrs. Garcia: Your own.
Violet: Wha-

Violet: (British Accent) AHHHHHH!!!! Ooh it was only a dream. Mum!!!!! (Silence) Hello? (Silence) Uh… (Runs downstairs) Hello????? (Silence) Where are Ты guys? (Silence) Ok, this isn’t funny mum and dad. (Silence) Hello? (Silence) Ok Ты know what? I’m 13; I’m perfectly capable of living by myself. (10 min. later) WHERE IS THE STRAIGHTNING IRON?? Ok so I’ll just watch the news.
Anchorman on news: This just in… we have found a couple on the side of the road…they are dead. It seems...
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Muse funny moments...XDXD