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Why people keep mistaking with Disney?

Dont get me wrong i Любовь Дисней but i´m sick of watching people saying EAH characters with Дисней characters.
It migth be surprising ,but Дисней did not created fairy tales!
Briar being called daugther of Aurora instead of sleeping beauty,saying Meeshell Mermaid is Melody´s sister etc,etc,i just rolled eyes and moved but i Остаться в живых it when Crystal being tagged in Tumbrl as "Elsa"
ELSA IS NOT EVEN A CHARACTER IN THE ORIGINAL SNOW QUEEN! she is a composite of the name tittle character and Kai,the boy.
Once upon a time is disney,Desendanst is disney,EAH is Mattel and Mattel is one company,disney is another one diferent .
I´m really the only one who notice this?
 lililc posted Больше года
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SilentForce said:
I agree with you.I'm sick of the fact that some people think that Дисней is the one that originally created all of these fairy tales even though these fairy tales have existed hundred of years before Walt Дисней was even born.
And yes what I hate the most is that some people regard Холодное сердце as the definitive version of The Snow Queen even though its nothing like the original fairy tale at all.
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posted Больше года 
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