Parent: The Little Mermaid
Parent's Story: The Little Mermaid
Roommate: Farrah Goodfairy
Secret Heart's Desire: I want my voice to be heard across the stage and screen all the land of Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: As a mermaid, I can control water. For example, the size of the waves. It is spectacularly bewitching for surfing.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Just like that, with a drop of water, my legs turn into a tail. So I can't go for a walk in the rain.
Избранное Subject: Bewitching Song. I Любовь Пение with the other princesses at school.
Least Избранное Subject: Science and Spells. Especially the chapters of "Changing voice to sea witches."
Best Друзья Forever After: I Любовь composing Музыка with Melody Piper and swimming with Cedar Wood.