Fairy Tail Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)

sieluvzsoul posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:54PM
(heres wat u need)
appearance: (body type, hair color of eyes no clothes cuz their suppose to change each time)
age: (can b any age rlly)
power: (minimum is 2)
partners: (u culd mak ur own or team up with the other OCs)
attitude: a perv or sumthing like tht u get it)
crush:(no avoiding it, cuzzins idea, tru otaku lol)
(ya ik its short but ill cum up wit more along da way PLZ JOIN and yes there can b romance in the RP and cussing and pervy moments, i honestly dnt care, SO JOIN!!!!AYE!!!!)
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Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: HELLO FAIRY TAIL *kiks open doors*
lucy: liz ur in a mini dress
liz: eh
gray: o sup liz. *looks at lucy and gulps* lu-lucy
arie: heeeeeeyyyy
tsukune: sup
liz: cum on in dude *walks in*
gray: doesnt he hav a name
liz: dnt u hav a shirt
lucy: yes but no
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:i dont know it
ank walks over not reconising him:well then why r u here since u dont know your name and lis why would u bring him here this morning he was dead did u do something
ang says obiously upset about his brother supousedly dead
Больше года heart-of_love said…
"gray Clothes." Sora mutters walking in holding Tiger-Lilly
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: hey y do u assume i did it Ang, am i seriously tht suspicious
gray: well ur in ur pajamas
liz: *slaps him aside the head* at least i hav clothes on
gray: ouch *rubs head*
lucy: jus cover up k *puts a jacket over lizs shoulder
liz: the reason i brot him is cuz i thot sumone wuld recongnize him and tell us who he is, my frst impression of him: smart ass, self egotistical, sarcastic annoying
tsukune: anything else
liz: nope thts bout it
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark mumbled
ang:well anyway no 1 knows him so he can get out
ang stomps his foot on the ground making a rock shoot up from under spark sending him flying out
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
LIZ: WUTS WRONG WITH.... OH NO MIGRANE *falls 2 knees*
lucy: o no again
gray: wut is it this time
blair: uh oh
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark walks back in
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: its jus DEATH
lucy: death of who
liz: me
gray: o god no *hugs liz*
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:thats not good
ang:shut it
ang sends a rock at spark sending him for miles
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: wutz ur problem Ang *stands up lite headed* y r u being so mean 2 Spark ur usually so nice 2 ppl
lucy: howd u kno his name
liz: wut i didnt and i dnt
Больше года soulrocks said…
ang:spark spark wait tell me right now do u know his name
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: w8 ya i DO, i said it in my vision his name is Spark
Больше года soulrocks said…
ang:im an idiot i couldve killed him thats my brother
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: ya ik and i culdve tld u tht
lucy: say wut
liz: u seriously didnt kno
lucy: we didnt see ur vision
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark tumbles down a slope enraged
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: seriously
liz: i had 2
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark mumbles:how do i do that
spark hits his head on a rock and faints
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: no response, im going in, any1 cuming with better hurry *runs after spark*
gray: im keeping my eye on her 24/7 from after wut i heard
liz: oh my clothes damnit *snaps fingers and shes in the cute outfit from the picture of the blue dress and pigtails* all better *strts running again*
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Больше года soulrocks said…
ang runs after liz
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
gray: *goes after liz*
lucy: god damnit, she better nt b in luv *runs off*
tsukune: ah hell nah lets go sis *grabs aries hand running off with her*
blair: deal with it tsukune *flys after them*
mira: wut jus happened
Больше года soulrocks said…
luki in the corner:i dont know
Больше года soulrocks said…
luki in the corner:i dont know
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
mira: i think liz has it under control, we all kno how she is and with her sister and the others their unstoppable
liz: *reaches slope* YO IDIOT WER DA HELL R U *is walking then trips over a rok tumbling forward followed by screams*
lucy: tht scream in pain sounded familiar
gray: ill say
arie: no shit sherloks
liz*stops rolling and doesnt notice she landed by spark* tht was fukin awesome, i wanna do it again
blair: *appears* how bout no *points at spark*
liz: o there he is *turns around on all 4s* hey dumbass u still alive *shakes him*
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Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:where is he ill kill him
spark jumps up
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: aight hes up *lies bakwards*
blair: LIZ UR IN A DRESS!!!!
liz: sooo ur point
blair: sit up
liz: wers who? *sits up looking up at spark*
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Больше года soulrocks said…
spark runs up and punchs ang in the face then teleports behind him then throws him to the ground
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: DUDE!!!!!
gray: ouch
tsukune: ooohhh tht can nt b healthy
arie: *falls onto the floor laughing*
liz: WUT R U DOING DUMBASS *runs towards the action*
lucy: do u ever use his name?
liz: nope
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Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:ok fine and what did i just do
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: well u woke up, then beat the shit out of ur brother
(sie: hey i gtg my eyes wnt stay open, well continu 2morrow k, nite)
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Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: do u ever learn 2 shut the fuk up
liz: hey i copy u
lucy: *red anime thing appears*
gray: now now gurls
tsukune: y do u alwayz hav 2 strt a fite Liz
arie: *is still on the floor laughing*
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Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:ok thats not my brother
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: o rlly k then lets go liz *grabs lizs hand*
liz: lucy no w8 stop *uses heels as a brek*
lucy: now wut
Больше года soulrocks said…
ang:just as strong as ever and i am your brother
spark :no your not because u didnt care about me this morning and u tryed to kill me
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: ya y did u try 2 kill him anyway Ang, were u in a pissy mood or sumthin
Больше года soulrocks said…
ang:pissy mood
spark:so what now
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
natsu: hey guys wutz going on *appears behind lucy*
lucy: *screams and falls 2 the ground beside liz* da fuk natsu!!!!!
liz: *laughs*
arie: *is still laughing*
natsu: srry lucy *helps her up*
blair: lets get bak 2 fairy tail
happy: aye ma'am
both: *fly off*
natsu: runs off still holding lucys hand with gray following behind*
tsukune: well im headin home see ya Liz *drags his laughing sister away with no trouble at all*
liz: *waves 2 tsukune as he walks away then turns bak 2 look at ang and spark* well idiot 1 idiot 2 yall cumin *getsures 2 ang and spark*
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Больше года soulrocks said…
ang:am i one or two
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *rolls eyes then walks away* lets go idiots
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Больше года soulrocks said…
they both follow
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
natsu: liz weve got a mission 4 u
liz: wut mission?
natsu: here *hands liz the paper*
liz: *reads it* WUT FUK NO *pushes the paper out of her face*
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:so how do i get money again
ang:by doing missions
spark:lis can i do that mission
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: nah ull fail in a meer sec
natsu: aww liz ud b perfect 4 the spot
liz: HES A FUKIN PERV NATSU *crosses her arms pushing natsu away with the tip of her boot*
Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:whats the job
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
gray: 2 steal a book but we need liz 2 go undercover as a maid
liz: no way
natsu: but u luv showing ur bare skin 2 ppl
liz: thts nt the point... AND NT TRU EITHER
gray: ur almost falling out of tht dress
liz: *low growl and covers her chest*
lucy: but ya its jus a book stealing quest
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Больше года soulrocks said…
sparl:why cant we just ask 4 it
Больше года heart-of_love said…
(-_- you guys can have my character's if you want)
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(omg im so srry)
liz: dude u jus asked the stupidest question ever, wow ur a dumbass
lucy: wut happened 2 "b nice"
liz: srry nt in my vocab
lucy: BIPOLAR thts wut u r
liz: *stikz tounge out*
natsu: dude, we cnt ask 4 it, the person who it belongs 2 is Everlue, and everlues a bich
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Больше года soulrocks said…
spark:k so cant we kill him
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
liz: u culd try but he has these huge ugly maids tht protect him *points at her mouth and gags*
blair: *giggles*
happy: hey hey blair *flys towards her*
blair: ya happy
happy: i jus noticed the bows on ur ears they r rl cute
(o btw i added sumthing to the oc creator i put it after attitude,chek it out plz)
blair: thnx liz made me
liz: *giggles* flirt
blair: SHUT UP
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Больше года soulrocks said…

spark:gross so can i help