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posted by Fairysoul
I had huge fight with my best friends, yes i admit it was my mistake i sent them apology sms,call but no response , they сказал(-а) Hell with you?

I had two best fnds and i start involving with one of them. i told him , and our relationship starts. but he was not so interested. He have many other gf and female fnds , and start ignoring me , i asked many time that why Ты ignoring me , he always reply that he is busy , and stay normal with me as a fnd . i talked with my other friend for help , and he talked to him that stay good with each other just like Друзья , and one with whom i was involved called me and сказал(-а) why the hell Ты asked him for help now go to hell , no еще contact . and i want him back as a good friend only. i use to go with them on trips and get gatherings there whole family know me every well , i agreed its my mistake to ask for help from 3rd person. now what should i do??