Digimon~When True Любовь Comes Through~

KennyTheWolf posted on Jul 22, 2010 at 07:46PM
Digimon~When True Love Comes Through~

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any Digimon Characters

By: Kenneth Johnson

A MattXIzzy Pairing.

Preview: Matt takes his feelings for Izzy seriously, how will Izzy feel to Matt's sudden come on.

Chapter 1: The Battle

Feelings Unveil Izzy went hurriedly into the ground along with his digimon Tentomom, who turned into his rookie forum, Leomon charged at Izzy and Tentomon but Matt's digimon Gabumon slammed into Leomon knocking him in the water. He quickly grabbed Matt, Izzy, and Tentomon and ran off into the woods, making sure that they was not being followed. After running into the woods for a while they finally stopped. Matt jumped out of Gabumon's arms along with Izzy and Tentomon.

"Well, I guess Tentomon and Gabumon will seat up camp here, while me and Izzy will get the fire wood, come Izzy."

Matt said grabbing Izzy's hand and leaning him to the right side of the dark and scary forest.

"Umm Matt its-its dark can we go back?"

Izzy said, while squeezing Matt's hand tighter and a dark stained blush appeared across his face and he leaped back, roughly letting go of his hand.

"W-why our we holding hands??"

Matt turned his head to Izzy and smiled.

"Why our we holding hands? Because I like you."

Matt walked over to Izzy and grabbed Izzy's chin for a gentle kiss and then withdrew from the kiss with a blush across his face then started walking again. Izzy froze in shock, wacthing Matt walk away from him as if nothing happened he started to walk slowly behind Matt, pressing his fingers of where Matt gave him his first kiss. All Izzy could do was walk and think to himself about what just had happen no longer then 5 minutes ago. Izzy began to start thinking to himself.(W-why would he?...Did he mean what he said? Does he have feelings for me? When did this happen?!) Izzy not paying attention to where he was going bumped into Matt. Matt turned around and placed his hands on Izzy's shoulders so he wouldn't fall.

"Hey..Honey be careful Ow I'm sorry, thanks Matt- W-what did you just call me?"

Matt smiled shyly and looked into Izzy's eyes.

"You know what I said...Honey."

Izzy's mouth dropped to the floor and his whole face grew dark red.

"Why-why are you acting like this?! I'm not gay-."

"Izzy I know you don't fully understand but I know your gay, the way you kept looking at me when I went swimming or hiking I could tell you wanted me, even though you didn't understand what you felt I knew because I've been feeling that way to, until I realize it today when Leomon chagrged at you I had to protect you at any cost, now I know I love you! At 1st I thought I was being stupid or annoyed but I know now and I don't wany any one else but you and I don't wanna see you end up with someone else and it was the perfect time so I went for it......I know this is coming of a shock to you and I understand if want some space."

Matt and Izzy's face went completely red. Matt smiled and kissed Izzy on the forehead and began to walk in search for "Firewood"


Matt turned back to Izzy and smiled

"Yes...'love' something that every person longs for." No Ответы