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added by vider69
Source: CindyS Tatham
Bubble Bobble link

Gundemonium Collection link

GundeadGline link

Gundemonium link

Hippogata Happa link
Swat Kats link

Zak McKracken link Ys link

Star лиса, фокс 64 link

Shining (Sega) link

Sigma звезда Saga link

Rampage link

Puchi Carat link

Phantasy звезда link

Mega Man Legends link Viridi: link GameFreak: link X: link Mendel Palace: link Pulseman: link
ClickMedic: link
Shantae/MightyFlipChamps: link
SaberRider: SuperMario3dLand: link MarioKart 7: link

Smash TV: link

Ephemeral Fantasia: link

SheenaXLloyd: link

Gaiapolis: link

Detective Club: link...
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posted by vider69
Is it just me или are other people tired of joining spots that have little или no content? I know that maintaining a spot is a big job, I've created ten spots and that's heaps for me, I've covered all of the main topics that I like and it's enough for me so that I don't get bored with the same thing, but at the same time it's not too many so that I can keep up with all of them, most of the time, but what about the spots that are just left there with no material? it's unfair because people will go back to the spot and find nothing there and sometimes that spot will lose Фаны because of this situation,...
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