Can someone help me how to get a Иконка in a Фан club?

I tried getting one on the sonic the hedgehog Фан club but it wouldnt let whats the big deal?
 Sonicfan67 posted Больше года
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germany123 said:
unless Ты created the club Ты cant change the Иконка on your own. make a pick on the spot asking other Фаны for their opinion and to give them a chance to Отправить new ideas as well. once the Фаны have chosen Ты can message papa или dave and they will change it
for еще info (and i do encourage Ты to read it cause this is just the basics that i put down here) read this article:
link Ты will find your Вопрос answered at number 17!

and Ты should read the whole thing cause dammit its pretty good!
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posted Больше года 
harold suggests to use the "contact us" but since that can get quite busy i would contact papa или dave directly. make sure to put something like "icon change for club XYZ" in the subject line so it doesnt get lost!
germany123 posted Больше года
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