I'm sure this has been asked before but I cant seem to find it...soooo will Fanpop ever bring back Иконка that shows on your Профиль how many things (pics Статьи links) that you've rated/fanned?

 Hellohoudini posted Больше года
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caramelmilk said:
Probably not.
Here's what papa сказал(-а) when asked about it =)
Many Фаны were sad when the rating trophy disappeared from their profiles. Is there any
hope left или should they Переместить on?
papa:I can never say never (no, I'm not a Justin Bieber fan!), but it's unlikely. HOWEVER, Ты remember what I сказал(-а) about Трофеи earlier? I don't think it would be too surprising to see something that fills the void of the rating trophy in the future. I'm not guaranteeing anything, of course, just sayin'...

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posted Больше года 
Hmmm yeah I would rather have the trophy...lol....but thanks for the info
Hellohoudini posted Больше года
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