How are the Ответы organized in the "Answers I've Given" section of our profiles?

I thought they were listed in chronological order, but then I noticed that a Последнее answer I gave is on the front page of my Ответы I've Given, ahead of many older answers. So what gives? Does anyone know what actually determines the order of the Ответы in that section of our profiles? I don't NEED to know, of course... but I'm very curious! :)
 astroasis posted Больше года
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Fanpop Ответы

cmrm said:
I don't know but mine are from the oldest to the most recent.
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posted Больше года 
Well, mine are scattered all over the place,I can't make heads или tails out of it. There does not seem to be any order to the way they are listed.
Cammie posted Больше года
Probably it's difrent form person to person
cmrm posted Больше года
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