I am confused?

Ok my 3rd день here and I was starting to get what Медали were about and stuff like that but then I see this.
I know your thinking another medal Вопрос but I'd Любовь the help


User with die hard

2 questions
7 Answers
32 articles
2 Форум posts
4 images
0 links
197/213 Тест Вопросы correct
0 Тест Вопросы created
0 videos

User still with dedicated

14 questions
19 Ответы (2 best answers)
24 Статьи (more fans)
49 Форум posts
139 Обои (Again еще fans)
2 links
159 recently voted
56 Опросы (about 10+ Голоса each)
147/213 quiz
9 Тест Вопросы (20+ answers)
32 vids

The only notice the Статьи and Тест but the Статьи by user D (dedicated) has еще fans. Unless time counts because User D has been here for 4 months and User DH (Die hard) has been here 1 year.

WHAT?!?!?! a hat maybe.
nikkiluvzu posted Больше года
u confused me too
abn1127 posted Больше года
time can be factor.
ineedcoffee posted Больше года
 ClubReviver posted Больше года
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