Personalised pop caps?

Well I was just wondering if Ты could request specially made pop Трофеи for Фаны that Присоединиться specific clubs? Like the one for Pitch Perfect? Just asking.
 Freakoutnow posted Больше года
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Fanpop Ответы

stellamusa101 said:
I also want to do my own кепка, колпачок but I don't know how. But what I can say is = contact Fanpop! или или maybe ask Fanpop as a friend.. link or.. or.. just email Fanpop еще than once I emailed Fanpop to make my own кепка, колпачок for 12 times! Maybe it needs to be mailed for 70 times? Fanpop should be sympathied of my 13 timed email.
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posted Больше года 
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