Does anyone know why I can't post in any of the Форумы или on people's walls?

So, I've been trying to post in Форумы and on other people's walls, and it won't let me! Does anyone know why this is? Please help!
 brileyforever77 posted Больше года
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Nerdbuster2 said:
Эй, there!
I know someone else here with the same problem..they can;t post on anyone's wall!
sometimes I can't post on people's happens to me when I am on the Internet Explorer...Google Chrome rarely does that to me....
if Ты are using Internet Explorer...try Chrome!
if that doesn't work, I'm afraid I can't help!
good luck and have a nice day!
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posted Больше года 
Thank you!
brileyforever77 posted Больше года
Is that so...?
dixieritasasha posted Больше года
huh thanks
Fourlover posted Больше года
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