How can I make the Фаны to come & check out my brand-new club?

So far I'm the ONLY Фан of my own club! Now, ain't it kinda sad? I made the club for hundreds of people to Присоединиться in, NOT just for myself! What am I doing wrong?Somebody please tell me soon so that I can make it better in the future.+Thanks for your help!
 BJsRealm posted Больше года
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Flickerflame said:
Ты can post Ссылки to it in a related club. For example, if it's a club for a particular character, Ты could link to it in the club for the TV programme/film/book the character's from, the club for the actor или actress etc. Ты could also possibly PM the link to some members whom Ты know might be interested in joining - but be careful with this idea, because some people would just see that as spamming.

Mainly, Ты just need to be patient. Building up club memberships seem to take ages. Most of the клубы I've made only have myself as a member still, and the rest have 3!
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posted Больше года 
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