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Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. или Ты can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *
BloodyMascara *
BrokenAngel *
SoullessAngel *
HeartfeltSorrow *
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Ты all have probably gone to a fellow fanpopper's Профиль and wondered how they made it look to good. Some of us have no idea how to do it. I myself had to asked my amazing girlfriend (link) how she created hers. So, we came up with a great idea to write a how-to article. :D

You can make boring text interesting. :D

You can choose any country for the flag. :D

⊿ ⌔ ⌚ ■ □ ▲ △ ▶ ▷ ▽ ◀ ◁ ◆ ◇ ○ ● ◥ ◯ ☀ ☁ ☂ ★ ☆ ☉ ☎ ☏ ☕ ☖ ☮ ☹ ☺ ♀ ♂ ⚨ ✈ ✌ ✖ ✚ ✣ ❖❝ ❞ ❤ ❥ ❦ ⤴ ⤵ 〒 ﹋ ɣ...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
At the start of the game on the Название screen
Announcer: Welcome to Fanpop Brawl! Click anywhere to continue.

Mode selection
Announcer: Select mode

Character menu
Announcer: Select characters (Announces characters' names and plays character dialogue when clicked on)

Dr Blowhole: Blowhole is back! Hahahahahahahahaha!
SpongeBob: I'm ready!
Gumball: Don't mess with the Wattersons!
Jake Long: Dragon up!
Skipper: Ты didn't see anything!
Classified: Nobody breaks the wind!
Dave: I have the power to destroy you!
Jessie: If anyone eyeballs me, they're going in the hole!
Ariana Grande: Let me hear you!
Annoying Orange:...
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If your a Фан of:










HighFive / HI5 / H5

Scooter / ScooterPie









House MD:





EverybodyLies TAKEN

SteveMcqueen TAKEN



Grey's Anatomy:







Shaun of the Dead:








My Name Is Earl:










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Эй, there! I'm emerald_32, but Ты can call me изумруд или Em. Today I'll be Показ Ты a quick tutorial I made on how to Загрузить images.
So I've heard that a lot of users are having problems with the new image uploader. I have to say, it isn't really that complicated. For a 1-2 days it was for me, but I figured it out now. Since some don't, I'll be Письмо this Статья for that situation.

Please note that the browser that I use is Google Chrome, because it has some built-in plug-ins that are handy when surfing the net and uploading images.

Okay, let's get started. So, I want to Загрузить two images...
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posted by caramelmilk
or: "Basic information about removing your account"

Special thanks to link, our Fanpop guinea pig. (or should I say lab rat?)

Removing your own account is a pretty new feature, many people may not be aware of it yet.
If Ты go to Edit Profile and scroll all the way down, you'll find:
If you'd like to remove your account, click here.

Now what does this mean?

If Ты Удалить your account, Ты must know that:
Your contributions will not be deleted.

All your images, links, comments, Форум posts, Стена posts, Ответы remain on fanpop, Далее to your username.
If Ты click on that Имя пользователя however, Ты will be...
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posted by Fitch
Please don't hate me. I know I shouldn't be wasting an Статья Космос Письмо this. I mean many people rated tp1992's Статья low, but I wanted to take out my fustrations somewhere.
I just noticed today that in one of my favourite spots I am no longer number 1. I wouldn't be so bothered if it weren't for this:
Here's My Contributions:
Links- 3
Videos- 76
Images- 1172
Comments- 53
Forums- 54
Picks- 41
Quizzes- 10
Articles- 1

The other person's contribution:
Links- 0
Videos- 0
Images- 548
Comments- 205
Forums- 49
Picks- 0
Quizzes- 0
Articles- 0

This person uploaded pictures 2 days назад and they have been rated over...
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Okay this soapbox sadly, is going to point fingers so people can learn from this. I don't like having to point fingers but it seems no one gets the message across if it isn't done.

What is bulk posting? It's when Ты post multiple things all at the same time. So when Ты do that the Ключевые слова Ты give are going to be the same for every single thing Ты post.

Why do people bulk post? Well the excuse used can be "I want to share great content with others" but really it turns еще into a quantity over quality.

Why is this harming keywords? When people bulk post they only put a general amount of keywords...
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posted by papa
 Win fantastic prizes!
Win fantastic prizes!
Hello Fanpoppers. By now Ты may have noticed a nifty new feature was rolled out this afternoon. It's the Fanpop Pop Quiz, a way to test your knowledge of all sorts of arcane trivia from movies, to Музыка to hamsters.

Before diving into the details of the game, I want to send out a hearty THANKS to the Fanpop team. In particular, a big благодарность to link who put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this feature.

I'd also like to thank all the great beta testers who helped us test and refine the feature for the past month. Finally, a thank Ты to link - the site that provided the nifty default Иконка sets...
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We all are really happy when we get Медали for the spots. It shows that other people appreciate our contributions. So here are some advices of how to get a medal.
1) The most importante rule: don't get obssesed with getting a medal. Add just interesting things so people could like it! Ты add things to the spot for people not for medals. Medal is just a lovely surprise for your work!
2) Find spots Ты like.
3) Start contributing things on the spot.
4)You can get a medal if people rate your stuff. What can we rate? Right: videos, links, Статьи and images.
5)Add interesting links, because if it's...
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 Welcome....To the world of PROPS!
Welcome....To the world of PROPS!

Certainly one of the minor кулер, охладитель things about Fanpop. They allow users to add a prize alongside a message to Друзья in eight different and colorful little medals. Awesome, right?

And they are! But since I have to make everything over-complicated beyond belief, today I'm going to Показать Ты some statistics regarding the благодарность System we know and love.

These statistics will SCIENTIFICALLY Показать Ты guys how often certain Благодарности are picked, judging by my collection of props.

 My благодарность Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)
My благодарность Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)

Whether it be for popularity, aesthetic appeal, или the благодарность itself...
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posted by kristalovepercy
I was quite shocked by the changed look of Fanpop, it looks as if it were Facebook, I have nothing against a few changes, banner designs? okay I would be fine with that, no еще Icons? I would be fine with that too. But changing the whole site is a little much, don't Ты think? Not that theres anything wrong with it, but I do believe that I joined Fanpop, not Facebook. All I'm saying is that I believe this change was much to sudden, rushed if Ты would like. Thats all I'm trying to say, I don't want to be reported for this, so please understand that this is just my opinion. Tell me what Ты think of the new Fanpop.
 Вопрос 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Question 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Basically this will be a collection of all the picks asking "HOW DO I- insert basic function here ?" (usually with the options IDK and PLZ tell me in commentz) and my short answer to these inquiries. Now that we have the new Ответы feature they are usually Опубликовано as an answer request but still repeated endlessly.
I usually Сообщить these kind of picks/answers and they get deleted as they are effectively spam. The drawback is: all information users leave in the Комментарии is lost.

link seems to only be used by a limited number of Фаны and though I use it frequently I hate how all information is...
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 Why are Ключевые слова so important?
Why are keywords so important?
What are keywords?

Why should I use them?

How can Ключевые слова help me?

Keywords are Теги that Ты place on the content Ты Отправить to Fanpop so that other Фаны can find it. Ты don't need to use a lot of them, just the relevant ones. You'll want to use words that describe what's in the content. Who is in it, what episode it's from, etc.

 supernatural, dean, 4x18, the monster at the end of this book
supernatural, dean, 4x18, the monster at the end of this book

This example is very simple. It's an Иконка from the Показать Сверхъестественное [keyword], the subject is Dean [keyword], it's from episode 4x18 [keyword] 'The Monster at the End of This Book' [keyword]....
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posted by Snerkie
Once again members of Fanpop new crazes are coming here and the same things are being сказал(-а) and done over and over again and I really think it only needs to be сказал(-а) once или not at all. Lets start with the list...

Question: "Would *insert name* дата me?"
Answer: No. It's not because your age, it's not because your race, it's probably because they don't even know you. So stop asking.

Question: "Do Ты know *insert name*'s phone number или email?"
Answer: No, I doubt they even have an email или phone number for Ты to call, no one here knows so stop asking. Instead Ты could ask for Фан addresses where...
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OK guys! Today we'll talk about ratings! Many of us contribute things to Fanpop and it's great!!! Because we are working on it! We are looking for images, videos, Ссылки to help other people! But it happens a lot that some people rate it low!!! Ты know it sucks when you've being searching for something, contributing it and HERE Ты ARE - Ты see one звезда rating for all Ты did!!! I don't understsand such people. If Ты don't like the content DON'T rate it at all!!!! или at least leave comments!!! Here's the example I uploaded Обои on spot A. I did a great job looking for them! After I was waiting so they could Загрузить on Fanpop. And in an час I see one звезда rating which means garbage!!! It is so insulting! I'm sure Ты guys had the same situaions. We can do nothing about it. But people, APPRECIATE other Fanpoppers. Don't visit the spots Ты hate, don't hurt people Ты hate, DON'T RATE LOW! Please, Fanpop is one and there are a lot of us so let's live in peace:)
posted by Jonapello23
Okay, so Hulu has become a real problem recently, with misplaced videos. I know there is already an article. But I wanted to express my own views. Here are Ссылки to misplaced videos. Get the Hulu user off of Fanpop!

Okay, so there are ten Ссылки of misplaced videos. But thats nothing. Hulu has uploaded hundreds of videos, and many of them are misplaced. If Ты find a link to a misplaced video, put it in the comments. Maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of Hulu.
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Ok, now I know that there are other Статьи out there about keeping Fanpop clean in terms of language and being appropriate but it is obviously not enough seeing as people continue to ignore it.

I am not by any means trying to be rude или bossy. I am not your mother. My goal in Письмо this is hopefully a common one among Fanpop users, to make Fanpop a joyful place for all users.

Topic 1: Language
I myself am very guilty of inappropriate language on Fanpop. I have сказал(-а) some things where if I think twice was not a good idea. I understand that some people say things out of habit and can do it without...
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posted by megloveskyle
 No еще nudity and disgusting images!!
No more nudity and disgusting images!!
Please don't post nude или indecent pictures in any spot. There are children on this website. Please don't post anything Ты wouldn't want your own kids to look at. If an actress is being made fun in a picture please don't post that in their spot. And Ты should know better than to post naked pictures of them also. There is a place for those Обои and it's called It's disrecpectful to post inhumane pictures of an actress/actor in their spot. This is Fanpop not hatepop. Another issue that has been irking me is duplicate images. I know I have accidently Опубликовано duplicates before...
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It has come to my attention that my gift for words has been failing me miserably these past few days. What I mean to impart is coming off as bitchiness rather than humerous или helpful.

For that, I want to apologize. Especially to Harold, who works hard for this site and didn't deserve to feel like he was under attack at all. I'm an idiot. I would offer to smooch and make up, but I'm too old to be getting beat up by anyone's wife...

Now, having сказал(-а) that, I am going to go over a few things that might be responsible for this mood lately. I simply feel like I am banging my head against the wall...
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