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posted by claire-aka-bob
Me and the other judges came up with a guide to help Фаны vote properly instead of just voting for the people they know или like as a user.

Means - the skill of performing in such a manner that will appeal to an audience
Consider how much the act appealed to Ты but think of how it may appeal to others too also
-were they focused,
-did they have a expressionless face или really seem involved in what they were doing
-did they to extra length and use/make Благодарности или put on make up/ a costume of sorts

Think about how much effort was put into the act and how much effort is shown in...
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posted by Cinders
FGT is having a haiku contest as a pre-show for the main event happening later in June/July.

1) It MUST be a HAIKU. Any other type of poem Отправлено will not be considered for the contest, though it will be appreciated!
2) One user may Отправить up to three haikus. They may Отправить less, if they choose. But three is the maximum.
3) All haikus must be Отправлено by JULY 1ST, 2010.
4) Post your haikus in a Комментарий in this article. I will gather them all into a секунда submissions Статья on JULY 1ST.

I would like two или three people to volunteer to pick their ten Избранное haikus and put them into a...
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No idea what this is all about? link

After careful research and endl.. uhm *cough* fruitful discussions between fanpoppers (where is everyone hiding?)on the Форум we give you: tadaaaa!

The Fanpop Guidelines For Harmonious Competing

Let's not call them rules...but we are hoping for a lot of entries so please make it easier for everyone by remembering the following:

+ amazondebs is the boss!

+ There is a Список of categories to inspire Ты link but if Ты have any other ideas feel free to Отправить them.

+ Ты may also Отправить "mock auditions" but make sure Ты state clearly if they are not up for voting....
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posted by mishaanita
burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
fire like slug Ты whole
one who steals your fantasy
have special дана name
queen of Fire
touching you
hugging Ты
flux Ты in my flame
hunger all Ты think
night whispers
crown Ты as a man
My single gaze
magnet to worship
have special дана name
Empress of Desires
sloshing in torrent of rain
yearning for Ты can't
an innocent prey
plunge on knees
fling my passion
Resist me?
You won't get easy
have special дана name
Seductress of Temptation
You're hunted in my love
craving Ты cant deny
you see me when Ты
look in the mirror
sorceress of Passion
Nothing about me...
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posted by PinkiePie11
Pinkie frequently performs cartoonish feats, such as eye-bulging, wild takes, and unusually angled cuts into the frame. Her merry skips resemble Pepé Le Pew's, particularly in Griffon the Brush Off. Her costume and waddle in Dragonshy are reminiscent of Daffy Duck's four-legged body in утка Amuck.
On several occasions, Pinkie breaks the fourth Стена and shows awareness of cinematic elements. For example, at the end of Over a Barrel, she pokes her head through the iris wipe to grumble about Twilight's friendship lesson, and in Magic Duel, she stretches the iris wipe wide open and climbs into...
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posted by blackpanther666
For those of Ты Письмо fan-fictions, I'm sure, at some stage, that Ты will get writer's block in some form, или another. I've been Письмо for years and years, probably around eight years and I thought I would share some information with Ты all, just in case Ты do get writer's block.

1. Always remember that trying to force yourself into Письмо something is not the way to go about it. Give yourself a day, или two, and then go back to Письмо after that. Sometimes, even the smallest break will allow your brain to clear, relieve stress from life in general and get back into a routine, или whatever...
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posted by LovingLucy
Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every день I feel you.

The morning bird reminds me of what’s coming.
The connection.
The spark.

I have never felt this way,
Drawn to you,
Needing you.
Holding you.

To grip Ты is passion.
Purest of its form,
Attentive in its own way,
And it breaks barriers.

Sonic booms have nothing on us.
The Grand Canyon too small to expand with us,
The Burj Khalifa too small to grow with us,
And the oceans do not have enough depth to describe us.

Despite that, we are endless.
And forever.

Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every день I feel you....
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Dear fellow Fanpoppers,

Finally, here it is. The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

The Fanpop’s Got Talent 2010 Results!

First of all we would like to thank everyone who in some way contributed to this years FGT. Contestants, voters: thank Ты all, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you. We had some delay in the voting this year, but thanks to many loyal Фаны we were able to promote FGT better and get enough votes.

Having сказал(-а) that, let’s now Переместить on to the important part! Assuming Ты haven’t scrolled down yet ;)

And the nominees are…


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posted by germany123
*Debs' voice* Hello fellow fanpoppers!
note: For anyone who doesn't know awesomedebs aka amazondebs she is the fanpooper who came up with the idea for FGT
Oblix note:For anyone who doesnt know who Oblix aka Obby is..she is an awesome fanpopper who pops around the..pop! had the good idea that we should collect all entries in a soapbox..erm Статья note: for anyone who doesn't know what a soapbox is: its the old name for article.

I really hope we get a lot of entries this год note for anyone who doesnt know: We also had FGT 2008..if Ты don't know what FGT's "fanpop's got talent" a competition...
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This year, in addition to the regular competition, we will also be having a

Haiku contest!

This Статья will answer all your Вопросы about this contest:

What is a Haiku?
A Haiku is a short poem, originally from Japan. It built up of three lines of words. The first line contains 5 syllables, the секунда line 7 syllables and the third line 5 syllables. Last years winning Haiku by Diblover111 is a good example:

This is a haiku. (5 syllables)
I wish I had a pencil, (7 syllables)
But I have a pen. (5 syllables)

Haiku’s are traditionally about seasons или nature, but since we are all modern people,...
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posted by Cinders
Bonjour! Voila! Ici est un petit singe qui s'appelle Maurice.

Oh! *Ahem*! I'm sorry. Maurice is a French monkey, so one of his many talents is being bilingual. What's that? Oh, Maurice has just informed me that he is European, and if Ты aren't at least trilingual in Европа then Ты might as well be American. He says he can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin.

Maurice has a very full resume, but his Избранное credit is modeling for famous artist Josh Agle, also known as link.

Doesn't he look so classy? But Maurice wants me to remind...
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Welcome Фаны to the results of Fanpop's Got Talent 2008,
this год link
link is a video to remind Ты of all the entries.

Voting is now closed. Please don't send Ты vote in, it's too late for your vote to be registered but Ты may still be charged.

Firstly we’ll hear from the judges about our acts.

-Saul_Mikoliunas says :
All of the talents have been of the highest quality and I have to say that I am now extremely glad that voting was left down to the fanpoppers and not just the judges as I would have had an extremely difficult time deciding who the winner was.

-Claire-aka-bob says :
I am so happy...
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 image by greenchoco101
image by greenchoco101
This summary of all the rules and information about the Fanpop's Got Talent competition was last edited on 8 June 2009.

Fanpop's Got Talent (FGT) is an annual talent competition. In this contest, Fanpop Users compete by submitting some material to the FGT spot that demonstrates some talent during a set submission period. After that period ends, the body of Fanpop Users then vote on their вверх choices, which are relayed to a panel of judges for the final decision. The winner gets kudos and a warm glowy feeling.

The duties of a judge are essentially to tally Голоса and provide feedback...
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Dear Fanpoppers,

FINALLY! The results are in! First of all, thank Ты all for your patience! This год we had a record number of contestants, but only one can win! Now, I will cut the small talk, and get right to it!

On third place……


On секунда place……


And finally, our one and only winner……



Also we have some special mentions for: shieldmaiden, Margooterd, ariel306842, cassie-1-2-3, cena-fan, thespikedturtle and zutaradragon!

Congratulations to all our winners!

And to all contestants who did not win this year: Do not weap! Ты have all proven to be very talented....
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[One Piece! The New Pirate-King's Execution!]

-Time-skip, 2 days prior-

Raftel. The final destination. The place that supposedly holds the treasure, One Piece, and the the Rio Poneglyph. Little is known of the island itself, but almost everyone has heard about One Piece and the place Gol D. Roger allegedly hid the famous artifact. For the Straw Hat pirates, it is the place that will make them. They will become pirates of legend, the crew to the Pirate-King, he who is king over all pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp, also known as Garp the Fist, or...
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Hello and welcome fellow fanpoppers to the first installment of Fanpop's Got Talent Results 2009! :D
We had an awesome turn out this год with loads of great entries!
link is a video to remind Ты of all the entries.

This is the first Статья one of three, honoring everybody who entered this year! Each entry gets a certificate for all their hard work and dedication to the spot!

The judges (or voter counter uppers, whatever Ты prefer to call us) would like to say a huge thank Ты to everyone who entered and participated around the spot this year, we would never be able to do it without you!

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 FGT 2014 is finally over!
FGT 2014 is finally over!
Dear fanpopper,

I am really glad that we completed FGT 2014 so nicely, there came some problems in finishing this but we crossed the hurdles together and honestly I couldn’t have done this without your helps. We saw some amazing and breathe taking entries in this FGT but only 4 entries made it to the Grande Finale.
Still Ты all are winners as Ты guys are Храбрая сердцем enough to participate and Показать your talent to the world.

Some facts about Fanpop’s Got Talent

1.This FGT was biggest FGT of all. This год 40+ Фаны registered and 30+ entries were Отправлено which is a big thing.
2.80+fans voted...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I apologize for my behavior from the last couple days. I don’t do well with losing, not in this category, anyway, but the way I’ve handled it was out of line.
The only reason I acted like a first class сука was to prevent myself from bursting into tears. I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is to me. That’s what I do, when I’m upset. I become this spoiled brat, who I don’t even like myself, when all I want to do is cry.
It’s not an excuse, I know that. I just wanted to explain myself.
I guess, in the heat of the competition, I forgot why I wrote ‘The Host’ in the...
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 Popper The Bunny [Mascot 2014] (By lena_t)
Popper The Bunny [Mascot 2014] (By lena_t)
A very warm welcome to all of Ты in Fanpop’s Got Talent 2014! In this Статья Ты will find all Ответы which Ты might be thinking of FGT 2014.

Motto : Go ahead and Показать your talent to the world!

Let’s now start with the most important question, which almost every person might be thinking :

What exactly is FGT 2014?

-    FGT 2014 is a talent Показать which is held annually it stopped after 2011 maybe because there was no user who could hold this virtual talent show. . It’s much like ‘Name-any-country’s Got Talent’ only we are digital and we have only one round,...
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 Fanpop's Got Talent Rule Book (img by nmdis)
Fanpop's Got Talent Rule Book (img by nmdis)
Hello dear fanpopers,

As everyone is Показ really an overwhelming support I am really very happy. We almost have got all our judges and many volunteers.

Before posting guide for entering FGT 2014 I would like to tell Ты all the rules which are really very important.


When the submission period ends (June 30st) I will make a Список with all entries that can be voted for. If your entry does not meet the criteria, it will not be on that list, and so Ты can’t be voted for.

As a reminder, here are once again the rules:...
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