fanpop's got talent Are multiple talent entries allowed?

johnminh posted on Jun 11, 2008 at 05:22AM
Can a fanpopper submit more than one entry? Let's say I want to submit a soapbox on a thesis of the search for Truth, but I also want to submit a video of me performing a striptease (yah right! LOL!) Can I submit both knowing that I'm likely to split the vote? Or should I submit just one? And if it is just one, which one should I submit? :p

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Больше года claire-aka-bob said…
i think you can only submit one enty just so its fair on other contestants and the voters dont get confused

and in first place, johnminh
and in second place, erm, jonminh, again?

you see even that confused me writting it! ♥
Больше года aholic said…
If you're making fan art, is it okay to post more than one?
Больше года germany123 said…
ok first of all: John, please and there is no doubt about this...
submit the soapbox! :D

nah of course we soooo want to see you strip.

The way I am understanding this is that
you may enter in one category only.
However if you submit images ( like fanart, aholic) you may submit up to 5 but they have to be of the same subject and belong in one category e.g. photography. You can't post a banner you made for the ice-cream spot, a photo you took of a dog and something you drew in high school.
you can submit 5 photos of dogs you took yourself.

But John you could post the soapbox as a real enrty and as for you stripping: there are always the mock auditions :P
Больше года aholic said…
Ok so when I post photos, is it okay to post photos I didn't took but as I've edited? If so then I will be entering with some new "find 5 mistakes" photos.