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dqwert posted on Apr 20, 2014 at 08:43AM
Hey fanpoppers I have noticed that there is only one annual contest held for us to show our talents. Even that is being held after 3 years. This year I have decide that I am gonna create an annual and official contest for all you fanpoppers to portray your talents. I hope you are interested in this event. Plz reply as fast as possible whether you like the idea or not. Iwant answers by 30 April 2014. And if you’re wondering when the contest will be held it is in July 2014 but registration will start from june2014.
I have decide the name and motto
NAME: - Flying Colors
MOTTO: - Celebrating Uniqueness
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanking You,

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Больше года Dragon-88 said…
I don't know about this. I'm only good at showing my pony OC's, and they are real cool.
Больше года nmdis said…
Sorry dquert but Fanpop's Got Talent is annual event and if you wanna hold this contest please postpone the dates as it will divert fans from the main annual contest.
Больше года amarishal said…
Awsm Idea I agree with u !!
Больше года mikla23 said…
im in