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posted by mishaanita
burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
fire like slug Ты whole
one who steals your fantasy
have special дана name
queen of Fire
touching you
hugging Ты
flux Ты in my flame
hunger all Ты think
night whispers
crown Ты as a man
My single gaze
magnet to worship
have special дана name
Empress of Desires
sloshing in torrent of rain
yearning for Ты can't
an innocent prey
plunge on knees
fling my passion
Resist me?
You won't get easy
have special дана name
Seductress of Temptation
You're hunted in my love
craving Ты cant deny
you see me when Ты
look in the mirror
sorceress of Passion
Nothing about me...
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This is a Музыка Фан video that i've made. It's of Peter Petrelli's story during season 2 from the TV Показать Heroes. Song: Five минуты to Midnight by Boys Like girls.
Музыка video
peter petrelli
video editing
fanpops got talent
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posted by Cinders
Bonjour! Voila! Ici est un petit singe qui s'appelle Maurice.

Oh! *Ahem*! I'm sorry. Maurice is a French monkey, so one of his many talents is being bilingual. What's that? Oh, Maurice has just informed me that he is European, and if Ты aren't at least trilingual in Европа then Ты might as well be American. He says he can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin.

Maurice has a very full resume, but his Избранное credit is modeling for famous artist Josh Agle, also known as link.

Doesn't he look so classy? But Maurice wants me to remind...
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Welcome Фаны to the results of Fanpop's Got Talent 2008,
this год link
link is a video to remind Ты of all the entries.

Voting is now closed. Please don't send Ты vote in, it's too late for your vote to be registered but Ты may still be charged.

Firstly we’ll hear from the judges about our acts.

-Saul_Mikoliunas says :
All of the talents have been of the highest quality and I have to say that I am now extremely glad that voting was left down to the fanpoppers and not just the judges as I would have had an extremely difficult time deciding who the winner was.

-Claire-aka-bob says :
I am so happy...
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posted by harold
 image by greenchoco101
image by greenchoco101
This summary of all the rules and information about the Fanpop's Got Talent competition was last edited on 8 June 2009.

Fanpop's Got Talent (FGT) is an annual talent competition. In this contest, Fanpop Users compete by submitting some material to the FGT spot that demonstrates some talent during a set submission period. After that period ends, the body of Fanpop Users then vote on their вверх choices, which are relayed to a panel of judges for the final decision. The winner gets kudos and a warm glowy feeling.

The duties of a judge are essentially to tally Голоса and provide feedback...
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My entry for the Fanpop's Got Talent contest =)
howard берег
fanpop's got talent 2008
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this is my dance cover of Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A, I hope Ты like thanks ^^
fanpop’s got talent
fgt 2011
dance cover