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 My пингвин revamp!
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Yes, it does say C.Swag, because that is my legit dA name, but eh... I am back and I guess I will post my OC :3
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Authors Note: Ok so I got this idea like, 6 months ago? 1 месяц later I wrote it and saved it (on my phone! Notepad is on there) Anyway, I asked in the Форумы if it was a good idea. I got 1 reply. (mostar1219! Cue applause!) That was enough for me! So here it is! (The first chapters are really short, so brace yourself for multiple chapters per Статья for now)

Part 1: The Runaways
Skipper peaked around the corner. He looked towards the right and cursed under his breath.
"Crap," He said. Alice was at the front entrance and was talking to a construction worker. Skipper slid behind a light...
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Amber watched as the helicopter took lift off, macie inside.
"I'm gonna miss her," amber said.
"why?" Manfridi asked, "because she doesn't talk that much?" he laughed a bit, "or because she doesn't see how ugly Ты are?" he started laughing again, but amber slapped him hard in the shoulder.
"two things Ты should never do: insult me, или insult macie." she сказал(-а) meanly.
"evil much?" Manfridi said.
"very often!" amber screamed, marching inside.
Amber stalked into the lab, headed to the back of the room, and grabbed her notebook. She doodled a sketch of Manfridi, and began to write, "Manfridi: maniac,...
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--May 28,2003--

It was a warm spring day,well...as warm as it can get in Antarctica XD It has been a год since the "incident",and Jazzy's egg tooth still hasn't come out.

"Moooooooom-myyyyyyy.I don't wan-na go to the doctors!They'll give me shots in my beak!"
"Well,who told Ты that?"
"Kristy!She сказал(-а) it happened to her cousin."
"Well,they might.But sweetie that's so when they pull your tooth out it won't hurt."
"But I don't wanna get a shot!I'll rather get hurt-ed when they pull my tooth out then get a shot.I like pain."
"Honey,you cry when Ты get a paper cut.Trust me the shot makes it so Ты don't...
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 Jazzy when she first hatched!
Jazzy when she first hatched!
So I've been thinking,and I thought I should write a story about Jazzy's past.So...Here it is! ^-^

--January 7th,2000--

It was a normal день in Antarctica,cold and slightly snowing.It was normal to everyone except two penguins,who are known as Mando and фиолетовый Snowflake.You see they had an egg,and that very egg started to hatch at 3:32 PM.Mando and фиолетовый were first time parents and were very nervous and excited.

"Do Ты think he'll come out soon?",asked the soon-to-be-father.
"I don't know.She can take hours to get out.",replied the soon-to-be-mother.

Luckily the eager parents didn't have to wait...
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(It's been a месяц since their dinosaur adventure and nothing has happened to them или the egg. Marlene was the only one who was told, in case they need a babysitter. Gallis' scar has completely healed)

PS: There will be one еще dinosaur picture.

The story:

Skipper: Congrats, Lucile!! I hear the egg will hatch in three days.
Lucile: Yes. And to think it all started out as an attempted trip around the worldd.
Skipper: Oh, I remember. We safely crashlanded , survived the most dangerous adventure and came back with a very special souvenir.
Gallis: Don't Ты mean two special souvenirs. Kowalski said...
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