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 My пингвин revamp!
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Yes, it does say C.Swag, because that is my legit dA name, but eh... I am back and I guess I will post my OC :3
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As the hopped out of the fishbowl, they looked around curiously. Skipper was standing Далее to a lot of rubber balls.

"Ok so today team, we're going to be working on speed and agility, along with power, and tactics." He explained. "By playing dodgeball!" He added, holding up one of the balls. Emma smiled, she loved dodgeball. A devious little thought hit her.

I hope I'm not on Private's team. She thought, a cheeky smile creeping onto her face. Kowalski looked at her and grinned. They were thinking the same thing.

"Ok so, Private and Rico on one team, and Emma and Kowalski on the other, I'll be...
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