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 My пингвин revamp!
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Yes, it does say C.Swag, because that is my legit dA name, but eh... I am back and I guess I will post my OC :3
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I'm back, and I decided to write this. Although the Название is called this, I will not get rich in this story. This is just my life story from when my troubles started to when I meet Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private.

Chapter 1

   I waddled over to the group of penguins who were watching over me while my parents went fishing. I am one месяц old and I live in Antarctica. I stumble over my little webbed feet and one of the older penguins pick me up.

   "Gooechy, Gooechy goo!" the penguin, known as Jade, cooes. She is tall, slender, and has deep изумруд eyes. I giggle childlessly and wipe her...
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I'm sorry that the last chapter was so long, but I can't promise Ты anything on this chapter... but hopefully it won't be as long as the last one XD So, here, enjoy!

It was now night. The moon was now just a sliver in the sky. Catherine, Lilly and Kat went out to silver Aston Martin. Catherine sighed.

"Are Ты sure about this Kat? This seems a little dangerous, don't Ты think?" Catherine said. Kat shrugged.

"You've got me and Lilly's pretty strong," Kat told her, "And you.... your useful in some way!" Catherine smiled.

"Yeah, I'm pretty strong," Lilly said, "I've even beat up boys... senior boys!"...
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LOL, so here's another installment (and episode) of Black Rose! I wonder what kind of mess the kids will get into this time... NOTE: This plot was not made up by me, but I switched it up a little XD

It was a normal, average день at Pitstown East High... that is, if Ты counted the scent of blood lingering in the halls from the nurses office. A blood drive.

"A blood drive just mysteriously comes in and people are giving blood to it?" Jhordan asked Private, slamming his locker shut. Private shrugged.

"They seem trustworthy," Private said, "They were really nice to my brother Rico. Besides, I don't...
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*insertmegustafacehere* ME GUSTA
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