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footloose1 posted on Nov 05, 2011 at 10:25PM
a wizard named Emma , an elf named Jessica , a knight named Dylan and a halfblood named Jay find out that they are very important to there world.

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Больше года footloose1 said…
heres the first chapter

“Dylan honey its time for your first day
at school!!! oh and happy birthday sweetie
, 14 my boy is growing up so fast give
me a hug. I’ve got to go to work though
the knights are planning an attack I’ll
see you at Christmas break enjoy school okay
sweetie try not to get into fights and try to make
friends you’re a nice boy but you’ve got to try
and not be so by yourself all the time okay
i love you so much and I’m very proud of you.”
“Okay mom bye I’ll see you for Christmas thank
you and no I’m not growing up I’m still the
same little boy just I don’t look like one!!
have fun with the attack good luck with everything
and okay I’ll try and I wont start fights.”
Okay do I have everything suitcase,knights
uniform ,clothes, books check! Check! Check!
and check! okay time to leave. My first day at
school its over night I’ll come back for Christmas
but it wont be the same without seeing my mom everyday
and I don’t have a lot of friends not because I’m a
loser just because I haven’t found friends that are
like me or well I’m a knight so everyone is the same
I want friends who are different and we
all get along well people who understand me oh
well I agreed to go to this school because my mom
wanted me to but I’m not happy about it I’m not
like the other knights I’m lets
say different. That doesn’t bother me though i like
being different its who i am
Больше года Dirty_Angel said…
big smile
nice story:)
Больше года prim17luvr101 said…
why post this on the forum? it's an article