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linhxinh741 posted on Jun 08, 2012 at 02:58PM
There are 4 seasons, 4 element and thousand of other ability in this miraculous planet. So will you be able to control them all ?

please fill this up :

**Info & Such**



Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed):


Special Ability:

Other Facts/Ability Info:

NOTE : I know that has had many like this but who cares now that in fact the rule is different in some things

Like the part : there are kings and queens, prince and princess
guardian, fantasy animal, ...
the power full : the spirit (there are two types : dark kind and light kind )

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Больше года 3rdCj2ndCJR said…
Name: Jewel Belle Hill

Age: 14

Appearance (Add Picture if Wanted/Needed): She has blonde hair with natural baby blue highlights and tips.

Personality: She is nice, caring, rarely snaps, highly dangerous, and she is loyal.

Special Ability: She is a witch.

Other Facts/Ability Info: She is a fast learner. She already knew the most difficult spells when she was five. She performed them when she was six. She grew up in an orphanage, and she ran away when she was ten. She lived on her own in the woods before she was found when she was thirteen. No one understood her cheery attitude since. She specialises in air and water. She has a tough time with earth. Fire is a breeze to her.
Light Spirit
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Больше года Sara_the_best said…
big smile
personality:good,nice and funny
Special Ability:half vampire,half werewolf and half which.
She has super speed,she is very smart,she has amazing strenght,she has a lot elements.Water,fire,air and earth.
 name:Maria Age:16 personality:good,nice and funny Special Ability:half vampire,half werewolf and h
Больше года makorra327 said…
name: Minerva (Athena) Robinson
Age: 15 going on 16
Personaly:mean, doesn't really care and is defends everything that is her's
special ability:she can find anything that will make you tick,uses a sword,mind control
other info:get's power from the moon, sister (Aaron) is princess,Minerva has done horrible things to not be a princess any more
Appearence: purple hair,earing with feathers and beads,sword at her side at all times always with sunglasses to hide glowing eyes
And she is a border line "Spirit"
Больше года sparkles3 said…
Name: Ebony

Age: 13

Appearance: unusually short for her age, blonde hair always pulled into pigtails, milky skin tone. Her eyes look like violet fire

Personality: Kind, independent, mischievous

Special Ability: she has a voice like a siren's. If you hear her sing, you'll be force to do whatever she says

Other Facts/Ability Info: She only sings in dire situations.

Light spirit