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Chapter One

They tried to catch her. They tried to kill her. But they all failed...they all were buried, by her. In the town of Eros Forumis, the sister city of love, was hero who was misunderstood and hated by her fellow villagers. She was to be forever banished into the Everwood Forest. Nymphs were her only conpanians. But she never really had contact with town she was imortaly a Mist Sprite. They were rare and only female spirits. usually known for being gentle hunting sprites of Artemis, they had used small knife and bows and arrows. They could turn into mist and read the emotions of animals and mortals but the gods were off limits. Nobody knows what happened to the sprite named Dannitera. One legend was that she fell in love with a young man and Artemis rejected her. Dannitera was outraged and took revenge on the gods by no longer praying to them. They called her The Dark Mist, The Darkness and the most common of all: Nightmare Minerva or in other words War of Night *Minerva-roman goddess of war* This is her tru story. But is really like the legends? Only time could find out.

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Chapter Two

I hid my face in my hood people knew my face too much already. Eros Forumis had enough problems right now besides Nightmare Minerva. I went to a small Market and bought a peach to knaw on. It would be a long way back to the forest. The last bad dream I had pounded in my head. Could the gods really do that? Well technacly they could but don't gods even have hearts? Anyway I tried to think of something else anything else! I was walking over to a dead tree stump when someone bumped into me. And with my terrible temper I burst out my knife and nearly took off his head.
"Watch it punk!" then I froze I should've taken his head.
It was on of Hera's half man half peacocks holding a knife to my forehead. I pulled back my hood and people ran screaming everywhere to hide.
"what took you so long? You guys are getting stupider by the minute!" then I into smoke and appeared behind him, stabbed him and ran. If there was one there would twenty more.

As I was running and killing I saw hree of the peacock men corner a little while another held back his mother. I shot three perfectly aimed arrows and killed them while the little ran over to me and said "Thank Misty!" Misty? Was that another nickname of mine?
His mother screamed as fought passed the peacock and grabbed her son and scolded him,"Stay away from Nightmare Minerva! She could've taken your life!"
I let shame wash over me but I didn't why. I saved a little boys life and he wasn't scared of me! On the other I nearlygave his mother a heart attack and the little boy was the one who got in trouble not me.

I let myself take in the scene, something was wrong, only a couple of Hera's men came to get me.
"Weir....ahahaha!" something was choking me...then I passed out.

sorry about the mispellings

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Info on the story:

EROS FORUMIS-is the tiny state of Aphrodite's son Eros. It is the sister city of Dovopolis Aphrodite's city. The main location/"home" of Dannitera/Nightmare Minerva

DOVOPOLIS-is the true city of love as it being the city of Aphrodite. The birthplace of the god Eros. Home of the pink breasted Aphrodite Doves wence te city is named after.

NEW ATLANTIS-is the name of the country all the charecters

I will make more of these later
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POST U 14 PEOPLE WHAT DO U THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know i didn't mention this earlier but i am going to need tons of characters so just post!



Appearence/a pic


Power if any(u don't to have on but it is advised)

other info

*and a random pic!*
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 I know i didn't mention this earlier but i am going to need tons of characters so just post! Name
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dude, only 8 hours, cool it! so, characters? here's one.
name: shadow star hunter (also known as: Archer Thief or "that thief!")
age: 19 (by looks. regenerates so is realy 86)
appearance: pic.
power: werewolf and constant regeneration. (decides when to turn into wolf.)
info: no home. travels the world stealing to survive and to have fun. will never pass up a chance to steal advanced weaponry or take a job for a heist.
personality:(if u want this) flirty, strong willed, temper, curious, and on occasion, smart-ass

so, like it?
 dude, only 8 hours, cool it! so, characters? here's one. name: shadow звезда hunter (also known as: Ar
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Thank u my friend!!

Name:Dannitera/Nightmare Minerva-no last name

Age:appears to be about 16 she is really about 126 years old (imortallity

Appearence:long purple braided hair, earing made of green gems and bird feathers, black toga/dress dark red cloak, knife at her side and bow n' arrow on her back

Power: turns into mist and wields the power of the forest at her hands

Other Info: Lives in the deadly Everwood forest of Eros Forumis, used to be a servant/hunter of thy Lady Artemis, has a sketchy past with a boy named Anubis, sketchy past

Hey greekgirlA we can do a thing like The University of Dreams where anyone can make and speak 4 there charecter but it is technacly up to you
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Chapter 3

I woke up on the dead tree stump. A girl stood next to me.
"You okay kid?"she asked.
At first I was alarmed becuase she looked a bit like Lady Atremis.
"Who are you ," I asked.
"Shadow. And who are you?" Shadow asked .
Finally someone who hadn't heard of me maybe I could make a new friend.
"Dannitera, normal hunter,sprite," I mumbled the last one. She helped me up and put all my arrows into my quiver.
"So where you from? Let me guess Athenton?" most people are from there since Athena is still one of the major patron gods.
"Nope I don't really live anywhere. I just move where the goods are and I intend to clean this place out before the hurricane hits," she said at first it was a curios smirk but the little boy I saved ran by and she turned wistful as if she were remembering a sweet memory.
"I only have 2 conditions for my city and you," I said firmly, "1 you do not steal from the family's here and 2 when you leave take me with you.''
She nodded. "Well let's start now huh? Get some early before these guys start riats and pillaging!"
That reminded me, I wanted to get everybody out of Eros Forumis before the storm.
"I have to get these family's out of here first and you're gonna help me," I said.

3 hours later there were only 50 people left to help out of the city. We didn't really move them we just made sure they knew to start packing and help them pack a little. One family had lost there father at sea where the hurricane started so Shadow comforted the family while I packed their things. At some point Shadow came in and spoted a beuatiful gold 3 inch statue of...of ME! Why would they have a statue of me or more likely Nightmare Minvera? Then I saw where she got it from, a shrine where there was a tiny poem or prayer:

I pray tonight
that the night has no dismay
so she will not get me
I pray to you Nightmare Minerva
I pray to to the war of night
To let me live and keep my light
I pray to you o goddess of Fear

Shadow looked mistified and was trying to stuff it down her shirt.
"Hey I said not to take from family's! They just lost a member of there family!" how could she do such a thing?!
"Fine," she said while giving it to me,"it's probably not even real gold."
Soon the family was on the road to Dovopolis the next closest city. We moved on to a little stand that sold peaches and we both bought some ((i love peaches)).
"Jeez where did you get all that money? Did you steal?" Shadow had a huge bag of coins. No answer. I'll take that as a yes. Clouds started circling over the forest. Oh.No.
"I got to go!" I dropped my peach and ran. I told the mermaids that I will freeze the top of the lake so they didn't get swept into the storm. I was too late.

DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!! I need more charecters! I need ideas for a mermaid so just post guys!
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Name: Alvin Hamilton III

Age: looks 16 but really is 100

Appearence/a pic: Kind sea green eyes, medium length black hair, and average build

Power if any: Aura View, Remote View, Water, Lightning, Able to change his weapons, Immortally

other info: He has good hunting skills, and mostly uses knifes, sword, and bow&arrow , and always wearing a green leather jacket
 Name: Alvin Hamilton III Age: looks 16 but really is 100 Appearence/a pic: Kind sea green eyes
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Nice Story I Love The Chapters Post Soon!!!
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At alvin request!
Chapter 4 pt 1

The hurricane swirled above me. The mermaids were frantic and swimming all over
"Calm down!' I yell but they don't hear me.
I try to freeze the lake but the wind picked up and it was hard to concentrate. I finally got it frozen and stood to run but low and behold were Hera's peacock men
"I don't have time for this!" I whined.
I took my knife and appeared over behind them all and said "Bring it on, Feathers."
I killed 2 in a row and shot the other with arrows.
"That all you got I yelled at the sky.(I know that screams EMO)"
Suddenly at least 50 peacocks showed up."sorry I asked,"and vanished into smoke appearing next to Shadow.
"Ready to go?" she asked.
I thought about the mermaids and how they would break the ice but I wasn't too worried they were some pretty strong chicks...with tails.
"You know it,"I smiled..
"1 question, how do we get out fast enough? The storm is almost all over," Shadow had a good point but I thought I knew way.
I whistled really loud and Pegesus came from the sky.
"Awww! He is so cute!" Shadow looked rediculus.
"Come on the storm is closing in!" I urged. We got on and started on our way to Dovopolis.
((Sorry I have to go and cut this short I'll finish it later.
Also the mermaids look like my icon: pic below
 At alvin request! Chapter 4 pt 1 The hurricane swirled above me. The Русалки were frantic and s
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Chapter 4 pt 2

One minute I'm in the air the next I'm on top of some guy while our pegesus flew away.
"Sorry man I don't know what happened," I said as I got up.
"Yeah well later," he said.
What did I do...oh yeah.
"Wait! Here take some coins. I'm really sorry," I apolagized
"And sudenlly I'm staying!" He said,"The names Alvin and yours?"
I snickered 'Alvin'! what a riot!(Lmfao)!
"This is Shadow and I'm Dannitera,'' I replyed.
Shadow was about to say something when I saw something gleam in her quiver of arrows. No....
"Shadow I told you no steeling from that family! How could you?" I screeched.
"I'm sorry but I had to! It looked so beautiful! And now that I look at it...it is a statue of you?!" she was stunned,"you're Nightmare Minerva?"
"Sort of. They thought I was ressenful twoards them but I wasn't! Monster frolicked every where in that town I was trying to help but... but," I just ran away I couldn't talk about the "incident". And don't think I will tell you I'm not ready yet.

Okay that was chapter 4 huh?huh? was it good? and this what the pegasus looks like but she would be black
 Chapter 4 pt 2 One минута I'm in the air the Далее I'm on вверх of some guy while our pegesus flew a
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That was good, can't wait for the next chapter
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Chapter 5

Dovopolis was a 'Fru-Fru' kind of place. The streets were made of pink and white tiles the size of my finger nail. I wondered what kind person would do all of this...even if it was for Aphrodite.
peoplr here all looked like gods, every one of them had there hair styled and wore togas and dresses that some one in Eros Forumis would kill for.

I ran over to a bench and sat down. People looked at me and shunned there kids away, I guess my dress was a little out of place but I wouldn't dare change. This was how I looked and I was fine with it.
I saw shadow come running over with that guy, Alvin (it still cracks me up).
"I'm really sorry Dannitera, I just asked if you were her. But I beleive you," Shadow confessed.
"But we would really like to hear that story," Alvin said,
I hesatated. I hadn't talked about Anubis in years. "I don't know guys maybe later. I gonna go get something to eat," I protested.
Alvin and Shadow looked at each other, it was a look of 'forget it and try again later'.

We went into a couple of eatries but everyhting was 3 times more exspencive here then Eros Forumis so we decided to go fishing away from all boats. Shadow keep watch for the law inforcment or the other fisherman while me and Alvin used our water powers to catch fish. We caught 4 good sized ones. We each got one fish then a 3rd of the 4th one.
"So why did Artemis kick you out of the hunting sprites?" Shadow asked. Did she hear me back at that stump? How....
"I'm a werewolf, If you mumbled something I could still hear it," Shadow clarified.
Well I can't say I'm not stunned, Shadow had this look about her face that said 'I know something you don't'.
Alvin snickered,"So when's the full moon doggie?"
I slapped him with a fish but he still laughed.
"I can change when I want to, just you wait," she threatened.
So maybe these guys are alright a little annoying maybe but I hadn't had friends in 20 years. I just didn't want to mess things up

((Okay that was chapter 5 huh? huh? sorry no pics))
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(( i still want you guys to post))


Age: 14 (not imortal)

Appearence: is the pic up there on chapter 4 pt 1

Personality: Quirky, happy , laughs a lot

Powers: mermaid

Other info: is good freinds with Dannitera but is teriffied of Nightmare Minerva
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big smile
Some info on the story:

ATHENTON: is like the old time Athen's of ancient Greece but isn't the center of all the counrty. Athena's city. Artemis and Athena share the athorety.

MERMAIDS: are peace loving water sprites with tails of fish. They can speak to fish and some mortals. The way they speak is like water splashing water.

PEGASUS: are very common and in variaties of every color the most common colors are black and white. The first Pegasi were black and white.

WERES: are people who have the genes to make them half of some animal example Shadow is a were wolf.
do to how strong the genes are that person may be able to control when they change. Some people might experience an exreme feeling to trigger or some my change when they please. If your mother was a Were cat you might not be that same animal you might even be a Were monkey. This genes are extremly rare.

IMMORTALS: are someone or god being an heir to someone who they themselve are immortal...sometomes. Sprites of any kind are inmmortal but if they had a child with a mortal the child would most likey be mortal as well.

well that's all for now! see ya at the next chapter!!
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Awesome chapter!
Will try to wait for the next one!
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i actually like this. it's cool.
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I agree
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Chapter 6

After we ate of fish it was sunset we were all tired from an eventfull day.
"So where is camp?"Alvin asked.
"What you don't have a house?" I asked. It was kind of hard to believe, it seemed that everyone in this town was 'living it up' so to speak.
"I lost my dad when he was 80, I'm imortal so it's not like I changed looking 16. I don't look old enough to buy a house," he explained.
"Well we just fell from Ero Forumis so we don't have anything. Wait! How old do you haft to be to buy a sharing?" Shadow asked, "I look about 19-20."
"In this town you have to be at least 30, if you're ot married," Alvin replyed.
"Shoot," she mumbled.
It was pretty funny Shadow looked the oldest but she was really the youngest being only 86. though I probably looked the youngest I was really the oldest at 126.

We decided to just camp out in the world's smallest forest that about 1 mile long.
Alvin had fallen a sleep and I was nodding off.
"You think you can tell the story now that the doofus is asleep now?" Shadow asked gently,"I know it must be a touchy subject."
"I don't know..." I trailed off. I could remember the day excactly. How everthing went AGAINST my odds. It went like this...

((i have to go i will post the rest l;ater! what will happen?))
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Alvin will act asleep and he still awake
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((OK i'M BACK oops the caps was on xp))

...I was hunting with my friend , Melinae, in the forest. It was getting dark but we had all night to catch a deer so we were also talking with my other old friend Anae the mermaid by the river, Kracken, in the city of Eagleston.
"There was a new mermaid born today! The parents named him Rockton. He is so cute!" Anae beamed with joy.
"I bet he is," Melinae never really liked the mermaids so she didn't really care,"I'm gonna go hunt."
Anae frowned. Then her ears picked up something"Run now!" and she dissapeared under the water.
I got up and drew my bow with an arrow locked in it. A boy came out of the forest he was about my age. Back then I really was just 16.

The boy was speachless like he couldn't breath. He took my hand and took me into the city it was in ruins. Fire was on every building and monsters were multiplying by the second and making there way to Eros Forumis. The hunters were focused on the monsters in Eagleston but I was focused on the ones heading out of town. If this 'invasion' spread it wouldn't stop. And that would bad.

I turned to mist and flew over to the city. Eros Forumis connected to Dovopolis (which Artemis herself was taking care of) and Eagleston. I landed right in front of the monsters and realized they were from Hera, They were giant peacocks and cows. Some of them were just Weres of peacocks and cows and how Hera got all those Weres together all together at the same time, I didn't want know I shot 5 arrows at a time but it still wasn't enough and they all were focused on the familys, and if Hera was still normal Hera she was goddess of family and marrige. Why was she doing this? It was insane!

Suddenly The boy (who is oviously Anubis) ran over to me and manger to get out,"My m...mom...stuck...fire burning!"
I let him lead me to a burning building with a lady stuck under it. I made water try to put it out but the air was so hot and dry that the water evaporated. The woman had passed out...at least I hoped she was just a sleep. Me and Anubis pulled her out. Once she was free I heard a scream from the sky, Hera was aiming this whole thing at this woman! But why? All the monsters were headed our way. Anubis gave me a worried look.
"Take her to the Everwood Forest I'll be there in the minute," he looked like he was about to cry,"I promise."
He ran with his mother threw the forest while I held off the monstes. It was all most impossible to do becuase there was so many of them, finally I gave up and ran to the forest...I needed Lady Artemis here with me.

When I found Anubis he was waiting for his mother to wake up. I used a small stream to put up a 2 ft. wall of ice all around us but even I kew it wouldn't hold up. Anubis knew his mother was gone. He didn't let the tears come though, sometimes when you're so sad, when it's too tragic you don't feel anything. I remembered a song I used to sing when I was a little girl it was it was a sad-ish kind of song and it was only like 4 lines and it didn't really rhyme:

I cross my heart and hope to die
That I see you just one more time
and I pray to your soul when your light is gone
So I cross my heart and hope to die

Anubis was still silent. The monsters broke the ice and stopped they noticed that the mother was dead and backed off there direct orders were probably to kill this woman, so what did they do now? Well they all just got killed me, my anger fuiled my energy.

2 months later I was acussed of showing neglect because that woman died. I was put on trial on Mt. Olympus.
"She did everything she could! That woman died because of a burning building that was out of the control of Dannitera!" Artemis protested.
"She could've used the healing propertys of water!" Apollo urged.
"She is not that advanced yet! Dannitera is still very young!" Posiedon vouched for me.
By hte end of the trial I was found giltey of neglect to help someone in need. And I was banished from the hunting sprites of Artemis without her consent. When I got back to Eros Forumis people ran away from me and called me Nightmare Minvera and the goddess of Fear. I lived hiding my face in my hood and fighting peacock men, I lived liked this for over a 100 years. It was finally gettig normal. Some years after the trial I found out that Anubis was the one that ratted me out. I tried my best and he still blamed me! Though I didn't agree with his desicion I understood it. He was mad, sad and lifeless al at the same time. He was just having a hard time dealing with the loss.

Shadow woke me up with an urgent face,"Are you okay? You fell asleep and mumbled 'cross my heart and hpoe to die' all night then you started freaking out."
"Yeah I'm fine now. Sorry just a bad dream," I said shakely.
I looked at the sky it was early dawn but if my dream was that all over again I didn't want to sleep anymore.
"Shadow you should get some more sleep before the sun comes all the up," I said.
"You sure you're okay?" she asked.
"Yes, cross my heart and hope to die I'm fine," I replyed.
She morphed into a wolf and layed down next to me while I pet her. The dream felt like it happened yesterday, I would have tried to help more if I got a second at it but I would never get it. Alvin was starting to stir so I went down to the lake to get fish for breakfast. While in the middle of fishing a peacock man attacked me. He was choking me and I left my weapons back at camp!

((okay that was a long chapter! hope you like it!

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Loved it!!!
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big smile
I will post chapter 7 after this: info on the story:

EAGLESTON: is the main city of New Atlantis. Zeus's favorate city. Richest city in the country.

MELINAE: is an old friend of Dannitera's and dosen't like mermaids

ANUBIS: is really the god of funerals in egyption mythology. Just the name of the kid in the story.

HERA: is the queen of the gods.and is the goddess of family and marrige. her city is just the main land that protects peacocks from poachers it is called Peacock Santuary. Enamy of Dannitera

ARTEMIS:is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. her city is the giant forest that is 1/3 of the country and she shares the authorety of Athenton with Athena. leader of the hunting mist sprites

ZEUS:is the king of the gods. god of the sky. his favorite city is Eagleston but his other citys, Lightningale and New Thebes, husband of Hera.

DANNITERA'S SONG: is an old prayer that the mortals used for when their close family members died.
Cross my heart and hope to die- the biggest promise on earth
that I see you just one more time- the line says it self
And I pray to your soul when your light is gone- light as in life
line 1 repeated

well that's that! the pic is kind of what zeus's eagle looks like
 I will post chapter 7 after this: info on the story: EAGLESTON: is the main city of New Atlantis.
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Cool and here's your cake
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i wish i had real cake i'm hungry
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Chapter ((i forgot))

Peacock manwas killed by a knife in his back.
"Thakns Alvin," I said.
"No problem, just everyday killing ya' know?" Alvin replyed.
I rubbed my neck, 2 times in 2 days? Ouch. Shadow came over with my weapons and the statue of me. Man, did family's really think I was the goddess of fear?

I will finish this on sunday sorry alvin4423 or whatever))
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and i need more charecters alvin and greekgirlA
Больше года Alvin2442 said…

Больше года makorra327 said…
((i will post the rest by the end of the day still at my dad's))
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(Got it!)
Больше года makorra327 said…
big smile
((i will post wen i'm done with my desert))
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((Whoa something wierd just happened. i posted something but it didn't post it disappeared! -_-))
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Больше года makorra327 said…
((um r u ok?))
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
When you post I will be!
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Chapter 7 pt 2

I mean I know I couldn't help that woman but was I really that horrible? I guess I was.
"Okay so where do we go now? Shadow asked," The hurricane is over. Do we go back?"
I thought about this. I had a creeping suspicion about the gods. I remembered when hera was like a mother to me. She gave me some of the most beautiful peacocks feathers and then she just goes bonkers with killing? Some thing wasn't right, At the trial Apollo had blamed me but he was one of the most laid back god there probably ever was. So what happenned to them and what god would be hit next?
"I say we hunt for breakfast," Alvin said rubbing his stomach.
Shadow morphed into a wolf and bounded off. I got my bow ready and went the opposite way of Alvin. Even though this forest could barely be woods, something wasn't right. The feel of wind was off. I know it sounds weird but I have lived and used the forests of the world but this one had something wrong with it. Even though I knew my friends could take care of themselves I didn't trust the suroundings we were in. I heard a wolf howl and ran that way. Shadow had been captured by a light warrior... wariors of Apollo. I shot them and let Shadow free. We needed to get to Alvin before something happened to him.

On our way there I saw a winged girl in another trap. I had seen angels before but this was just a mortal with wings. I could tell she was timmid because here version of screaming for help was barely whispering,"Help anyone out there?"
I cut her down and asked if she was okay.
"Oh thank you, I thought I would be stuck there forever. My name is Danae," she said.
"No problem, your wings are beautiful," I complimented.
Her wings started out white but the color morphed into a light blue at the ends. Danae looked nervously at her wings. I was about to ask about what was the matter when we heard Alvin yell,"NOT COOL!"
We ran to Alvin and found him fighting some more light warriors. I 'bended' rocks to kill the warriors.
"Just returning the favor," I said.
Alvin just nodded. Then he looked at Danae... for a really long time, like having to say,"Alvin! Earth to Alvin!"
He snapped out of it and said, "Hiiiiiii...."Shadow had to close his mouth.
I guess you couldn't blame him. danae was very pretty. Her dress was about few inches under knees and white with a blue and purple floral pattern. She carried no weapons but she had stare that would make you 'spill the beans'.

A couple hours later we were eating eggs and I was still debating going back to Eros Forumis. I didn't think I could spend another minute in my hood. I was likeing not using it. I never wanted to use it again.

((okay alvin u can stop being bonkers now!)) this is what Danae's wings look like except the color:

 Chapter 7 pt 2 I mean I know I couldn't help that woman but was I really that horrible? I guess I
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((looks like alvin has a crush!))
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info on story!

SHARINGS: are big buildings like apparments.

GODDESS OF FEAR: does no really excist but that is becuase Danniteras's name means fear but there is no goddess becuase she was vanqished and her spirit lives on in fear itself.

ANGELS: are the rare divine spirits of those whose soul and life where dedicated to the gods and when they died there souls lived on serving the gods.

MORLINGS: are the mortal people who have been touched by angel and/or have sprouted wings from the encounter. This only happens on rare occations.

MORLING STARE: is a rare power they have after the encounter. It is a stare that makes you feel so uncomfertoable that you have to confess anything they ask.

LIGHT WARRIORS: are servants of Apollo who are made soully out of pure sun light.

APOLLO: is the god of the sun, music, healing. He is the brother of Artemis. He has a city in the clouds named Lyrisdale.

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Chapter 8

I made the choice to not go back to Eros Forumis. We all had stressfull lives. Alvin was a 'street rat', since his dad died he was homeless becuase his mom was a sprite in Athenton. He was a very rare case becuase normally a sprites child is mortal but Alvin had to immortal for some reason but I hadn't figured it out yet. Danae was really from Athenton, her parents were scholars and were always working. She came to Dovopolis to visit her grandma for a couple of weeks. Shadow was just a traveling theif but she had been in jail for a few weeks before she meet me.

Danae was a very quiet person, she never raised her voice and she said sorry to eveything. EVERYTHING. Danae said we could stay at her grandma's house for a little bit after dinner but that was hours away. So we did a little snooping, spying... pranking. Alvin did a classic coin on a string and made a grown man cry about a broken nail, these people of Dovopolis were strange. Me and shadow put a trip line in front off the most exspencive restrant in town. All of the richest people in town tripped in mud! Danae was a very polite person so she went to go shopping in the market with her grandmother.
"This is getting boring," Shadow said.
I had to agree it was getting old. And I had an idea about the gods but I didn't want to disscus it out in the open. The gods could be anywhere and anyone.
"Come on, " I said to Alvin and Shadow. We would meet up with Danae later.
I told Shadow and Alvin my ealier suspsions.
"Something is poisoning the gods. If they all get infected that would possibly mean war on every part of the Earth and Eris would run free," I explained.
"Who's Eris?" Alvin and Shadow nodded.
" She was the real goddess of fear and chaos. My name is one of her nicknames. She is contaned by all the powers of every immortal who has lived on Mt. Olympus. I used to produce light," I said looking way," the powers of every one makes an orb she is confined in."
"But there is still chaos in the world. you know deaths and war stuff like that," Alvin urged.
"True but if her main form was let out..." I didn't have to finish.
"How true you are. HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Aphrodite stood behind us. Her eyes went from baby blue to blood red.

((told ya Alvin! i posted!)) this is what the orb looks like:
 Chapter 8 I made the choice to not go back to Eros Forumis. We all had stressfull lives. Alvin wa