This Статья contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Season 3 Finale. If Ты haven't seen that yet, get lost.

Ok, you've been sufficiently warned, time to get down to it.

Today, we are going to be discussing the tragic loss of a sweet, innocent, wonderful character named Troy Otto.

I don't want to hear your "but he did this and he did THIS and he сказал(-а) THAT" bullshit. I know who he is. I know what he did. *points to image*

Troy is my Избранное character in Fear the Walking Dead, and will likely hold that Название for as long as the Показать goes on. The Любовь I felt for him was intense and sometimes overwhelming, and brought my enjoyment of the Показать as a whole to an all-time high. As far as Избранное characters in the entire Walking Dead universe goes, Troy is секунда only to Shane Walsh of the original show. If you're thinking about sharing any negative Комментарии about him, please refer to the above image.

The reason I bring up Shane is, there are a lot of similarities between him and Troy. They were both batshit crazy, antagonists (or villains, depending on how much Ты hated them), and very driven characters with strong opinions on the way things should be. They're also pretty divisive characters - Ты either loved them или hated them, and whichever way Ты felt, it was probably pretty intense. They were both played by mega-talented actors, which is probably a big part of why they were such great characters. Both Shane and Troy were both killed by their show's main character. The biggest difference? Troy did not have to die.

By the time Shane lured Rick into the woods in season two of The Walking Dead, it was too late. He was too far gone. There was no coming back. But Troy? Troy's another story.

After bringing the horde to the farm, Troy helped Nick with damage control. He protected Nick on their go-stalk-Alicia mission, and even tried to reign him in from all the temptation at the bazaar. Troy is the reason the dam people knew that a threat was coming. He even had a nice scene with Madison, making sure everything was okay between them.

Then came the confession.

When Madison hit him the first time, I thought she just slapped him. Then the blood started pouring and she hit him again. With a hammer. I didn't cry at Troy's death. I was upset, and disappointed, and as it sank in... pretty damn pissed. It pissed me off for two reasons: one, he is my Избранное and I didn't want him to die, and two... what the fuck was that?

I suppose the official explanation has something to do with Madison's Рождество fantasy. Troy brought the horde to the farm, ruining her chance to have a happy ending there with her family and her grandkids and blah, blah, it was never gonna happen, blah.

But her children were safe. Throughout the series, that has been Madison's constant motivation: Everything she does, she does for her kids. Nick and Alicia both survived the horde. The only other person in the posse Остаться в живых as a result of the horde was Ofelia, and let's face it, Madison didn't start swinging for Ofelia. Ofelia abandoned them at the hotel and infiltrated their camp and almost killed Nick. Nah, this wasn't about her.

So why did Madison do it? Just a few episodes ago, she sent Nick out with him, because she knew he'd protect her son. Hadn't she JUST asked him to continue watching out for Mommy's Little Junkie? Didn't he JUST drag Nick away from his new brain business to warn her at the dam? Was the loss of a house and a bunch of nameless, faceless people that she never interacted with really enough to justify her actions?

It just doesn't make sense to me.

What purpose does his death serve? Causing friction between Madison and Nick. That's it. It gave Nick a reason to push her away and do his little detonator suicide stunt, which separated the characters so they'd have to spend half of Далее season searching for each other. Reeeeeally lookin' вперед to that, FTWD writers. *yawn*

Troy was the most fascinating character of the entire series. With his odd upbringing, to his twisted little experiments when we first met him, to the Red Dirt Incident, the banishing, and the Pied Piper of the Dead plan, Troy was a unique character who was always fun to watch. Never a dull moment. He was crazy and fun and unpredictable, and he had only just begun to redeem himself. There was so much еще that could have done with him. Killing him off now, when he's only just begun to see the world and make Друзья and feel like part of a slightly еще normal family, is a waste of both the character's potential and Daniel Sharman's amazing Актёрское искусство abilities.

Guess I'm back to letting episodes pile up and multitasking while I binge instead of sitting on the edge of my сиденье, место, сиденья every Sunday night, wondering what Troy will do next. It was nice while it lasted, FTWD.

Unless Troy comes back as a hallucination and continues to have adventures with an out-of-his-mind Nick. That might be worthwhile. Ta-da!