I wrote this quickly, so it is not great, but I hope I get my point across.

It is a shame that so many people seem to have this picture of feminists as oversensitive man-haters. That is not what it is about for me at all. It is also not about wanting to be a man, which seems to be another notion that people have. It is about women getting the same chances as men, and getting the same credit/ pay for doing the same work. It is about being tired of the fact that the phrase “girly-boy” is seen as an insult, while the phrase “like a man” is seen as a positive thing. It is about hating that it is the 21rst century and many people still consider the father the head of the household, and really the head of most things, simply because he is a man.
Most importantly it is about the future. It is about wanting our daughters to know that they take up half the world, and that they are just as important as our sons. Whether they want to play sports или play with dolls, they should be allowed to. It is about wanting them to know that their worth is not determined by how men, или other women, see them. It is about wanting them to be comfortable with their bodies, but know that they are not defined by them. They should know that being a virgin does not make them a prude или a tease, and not being a virgin does not make them a slut. They should know that they are not objects. They should know that there are good men out there, so if one does not treat her right, she should Переместить on.
I want every young girl to know that she can be a leader, that she controls her life, and that she can do anything.