Chauvinism and Masculinism, two of the biggest anti-feminism "movements" alive and rampant in this день and age. Since the beginning of these movements, the Feminist image has been violated to the point that even hearing the word "Feminist" brings up some ugly descriptions in the human psyche: fat, unattractive, masculine women who can't find a decent husband that want to create misery for all like they feel by lying about what women really want (like Дети and husbands) and emasculating men, или a big system of corporate tools brainwashed by powerful liberals to decimate the human race,
and with the popularity of Youtube, Family Guy, and Facebook, these conspiracy theories about women's liberation and our mantra "you can do it, no matter what gender Ты are" are spreading quicker than before. So what can we do about it? Simple: portray Feminism our way, which is pretty much the right way.
As I understand that the Feminism movement is 1) already using some of the Популярное media to Показать what we are really about and 2) already too busy trying to save the world to give a crap about what lies and conspiracy theories are being spread about them, I personally believe that some еще work needs to be done for our image before it's too late and the anti-feminists brainwash the masses with its corruption and anger. And I don't mean we go out on еще strikes to shut their corporation down because that would kind of tell them that we're afraid and that the only way we can shut them up is by yelling louder instead of combatting them with their own tactics. And that tactic is the use of media. Instead of making signs and chants, we should use our creativity to write stories, paint, videos, articles, and anything else to Показать those anti-feminists that we are bold and won't be taking their crap anymore.
Wanna try it out?