Not too long ago, I’ve been exploring the recesses of the Internet for some discussion based on Feminism-from websites dedicated to only the talk of Feminism to YouTube Видео and their comments, knowing fully well that many of the things I will view will be made by anti-Feminists. My expectations were only half-disappointed. I did expect the usual “Feminists are the most sexist, misandrist, selfish manginas and Лесбиянки of the planet,” but I didn’t expect this: “black women shouldn’t have involved themselves in the white woman’s evil movement.”

    It was yet another tactic used by anti-Feminists to gather еще minions to their hate-filled cause, to use the black victimization/white-hating paranoia that sadly still runs rampant in my race and cripples our own efforts to succeed and thrive. I saw this sick tactic on The Good Men Project when a user claimed that “Feminists are willing to throw blacks, gays, Native Americans, etc. under the bus for the sake of women.” I saw it on the YouTube video “The Secret History of Feminism” when the talk Показать host Alex Jones compiled some bit of history on a racist Feminist named Margaret Sanger who allied herself and apparently the Feminism movement with the KKK in destroying the whole black race, which apparently is working with the rise of abortions by black mothers. I saw this on another YouTube video “How Feminism Ruined My Family” in which the black female user unashamedly stated: “We have fallen for the white woman’s movement.” It was one of the saddest, most unbelievably despicable cases I’ve seen, and I was seeing it everywhere. I now see еще black men commenting on how Feminism is ruining relationships because the black women wanted to be like the white women, and I was seeing black women going up against a cause that helped us to realize our worth as human beings because they simply didn’t make it work или have suffered relationship losses. или simply because of the black victimization reason I gave above.

    I was seeing another case of “racism-bad, sexism-good” case; in these instances, I was seeing the idea that black women should ignore the Afro-cultural sexism against us and still take up arms with the black men against “The White Man” (racism against African Americans that seems to only apply to white people) the same black men who not only tried to control us and our own rights when they were дана equal rights to their white male counterparts, but are still turning against us on a daily basis, from rape to domestic abuse to absentee fathers and forced prostitution, all in the name of this twisted idea of “manhood.” . If I can remember correctly, there was a special quote from an amazing book that helped bring this realization to light: “When the white master hands his nigger slave a sack to carry, the nigger slave doesn’t carry it, no, he gives it to his nigger wife to carry for him, because she is the nigger slave’s mule.” (I apologize to anyone uncomfortable with my lack of inhibition in using the word “nigger”.) Don’t get me wrong, I do see and understand the separate needs and tribulations of my race, but for my black males to say that I should just ditch my role as a Feminist, to ignore the need to continue to fight for gender equality, to service their needs еще is just so sick and hypocritical.

    With this hatred set against Feminism, even from the women of my own race, I almost feel sadden and hopeless in this society, but then I remembered that those anti-Feminists, whether black women или white men, were wrong. Not only did they let misinformation (extreme-right lies) shape their entire view of Feminism and the cause it fights for, but it actually had set this society further back with their idiotic talk of “don’t fall for the white women’s motives,” a tactic that further deepened the rift between whites and blacks by making it seem that anything promoted by whites is just another waste of time and another Переместить to eradicate the black culture (a very funny thing to say considering the fact that interracial marriage is through the roof- mostly black men-white women- as well as black musicians integrating into the rock Музыка business and many black people still taking on European clothing and hair styles).

    Those anti-Feminists don’t know a thing about Feminism. Alex Jones didn’t know when he was using Margaret Sanger as the straw man for the Feminist image and the statistics of race and abortion that 1) There were Feminists who were either working the black rights scene before becoming Feminists или working both the black rights scene and the women’s rights scene; 2) With the millions of abortions done by black women, white women were the one to go through abortion the most, with their easier access to birth control (and he seemed to have left out the part were abortion was used for reasons other than to just kill a kid, it was used to spare the mother of birthing a rape/incest baby или spare the baby and the mother of harsher poverty and possible unkind foster homes). The poster of The Good Men Project didn’t know the not-surprising research that showed that when a person joins a progressive movement-that would include Feminism, ladies and gentlemen- he или she are еще likely to Присоединиться еще causes, causes for different people like women, men, black, gay, poor, etc. The creator of the “How Feminism Ruined My Family” didn’t know that black women can follow the Feminist way without losing their roots in the black civil rights cause, and that it was because of our Переместить to Feminism that Feminists expanded the fight to almost all cultures, not just European cultures. It is because of Feminism that this young black woman learned to not take so much grief from enemies, racists или otherwise. It was because of black Feminists like Angela Davis and Frederick Douglass that showed me that I don’t have to fall for the stupid ultimatum “It’s them или us” shoved in my face by anti-Feminist black men.

I’m proud to be a black Feminist.