For lack of a better Название (for now). These are just small but useful informational notes about the games, from different sources.

From link:

※ Ты can eat and gather information at gas stations
※ If Ты can see something in the background Ты can go to it
※ Depending on the shape of the ground Noct and Друзья walking animations will change
※ If Ты keep running Ты can see your Друзья tire and try to catch their breath
※ Ты can рыба in streams, rivers, and the ocean!
※ Ты can fight the wildlife. As they are always active, be careful as they will attack if Ты get close
※ There are buildings in the forest with people living in them. Ты can enter some of these buildings
※ There are also Животные that aren’t enemies like Кошки and dogs
※ In order to make the mountains the developers actually climbed one. They might Показать a video of them doing this one day.
※ Demons like the Naga или the Goblins will come out of ※ the caves at night
※ It’s dangerous at night and is safer to rest at a gas station или by other means
※ The party members dialogue will change in accordance to the time
※ A Chocobo was shown in the forest. Look вперед to finding out еще in the demo
※ The enemy airship patrols will sometimes land and fight you
※ Magitek Armor will make an appearance (was not meant to have been said)
※ The Duscae region is as a large as 10% of the game