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Хор - Full Performance of "Never Can Say Goodbye" (TUE 1/31)

Goodbye's The Saddest Word - F / Q Tribute

Quinn and Finn- Ты tell me that Ты Любовь me ...

F&Q//Almost Lover

QF; holding a сердце

F&Q//"...would Ты lie with me..."

F/Q "Just tell me the song and ill sing it" (For Rina)

FQ | All We Are

FQ | Had It All

FQ | Meteor душ

Q|F start your future

FQ; Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile, Ask Her If She Wants To Stay A While

[ fuinn ] finn/quinn/sam // a little too not over you.

finn&quinn | If this was our last chance I'd ask Ты to stay...

q/f - shattered

i may be bad, but i'm perfectly good at it {f/q}

(F/Q) "I break down as Ты walk away"

(FQ) "Keep Holding On"

Miley Cyrus: Goodbye. (Fuinn.)


Finn&Quinn//Out of My League

Показать Me What I'm Looking For; Fuinn

Finn&Quinn ; Любовь

Fuinn-back to december

fuinn no one takes a bow

Fuinn-For The First Time

Quinn and Finn wherever Ты will go

Хор - Quinn and Finn - E.T [re-uploaded]

which to bury, us или the hatchet? ; finn+quinn

Finn and Quinn- Blind

Multicouples || Turning Tables

breathe in breathe out | Finn&Quinn

I'll be Your Memory:FUINN

She Will Be Loved ~ Fuinn


Now Ты Know - F / Q Tribute

(F_Q) ' Down We Fall '

Faithfully - F / Q Tribute

That's where I'm coming from - BS, PR, FQ

(FQ)-Teenage Dream

(FQ)-Now Ты Know (for Rina)

(FQ) 'I just want somebody to Любовь me' for Rina

I Can Be Your Hero - Fuinn & Klaine

Pretending - F / Q Tribute

Finn And Quinn- Shattered

good to Ты ; finn+quinn ; puck+rachel

Quinn & Finn // Stuttering

Get Back Fuinn

Finn And Quinn

Why I loved you. F/Q

f/q {rolling in the deep}

F//Q. i hope Ты find it.

FQ// Fuckin' Perfect.

Fuinn// I need a doctor.

finn&quinn | we could've had it all


F&Q | 7 things

Somewhere Only We Know.Fuinn

Finn/Quinn - Pretending

(FQ)-Keep Holding On for Rina


Just One Last Dance - F / Q Tribute

Multicouples Collab//Trip

Multicouples // Prodigal

Хор - I Hate This Part - (Quinn And Finn)


Baby it's you; Fuinn

finn & quinn . (for hannah )

Хор - Finn and Quinn - Illuminated

eelG-F and Q(i'm only human)

Se The огонь To The Third Bar- Finn and Quinn

"αℓℓ ι ωαитє∂ ωαѕ уσυ..."●qυιии&fιии[coυpleѕ collaв parт]

You're the only one who can save me. ||| Quinn&Finn ♥

never say never

Finn and Quinn // He сказал(-а) she сказал(-а)

Because Ты Loved Me - F / Q Tribute

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - F / Q Tribute

When You're Gone - F / Q Tribute

• Любовь The Way Ты Lie || Multifandom •


Sparks Fly When I'm Kissin' Ты - F / Q Tribute

It was only just a Dream...

multi-couples collab; gotta be somebody

Предварительный просмотр - - Finn/Quinn: Happy Ending

I Can Tell By The Look In Her Eyes...

(F/Q)-Feel this(Dedicated to Rina)

Finn and Quinn Have Fireworks

Fuinn Collab Parts 15 & 16

Хор finn and Quinn = babycake

Quinn & Finn ♥

reupload♦i'm having fun, don't put me down♦ fuinn

Finn, Rachel, Quinn// Faster Then...

gimme еще | liam&annie, finn&quinn ♥



Fuinn | What's Left Of Me

Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Puck // Little Wonders

Inside Your Stomach;Q/F

Quinn, Finn & Puck// Just a Dream

F&Q (It was Only Just a Dream