Jeff leads Debra to the ring
Where: New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut     
When: December 7th 1998
Show: Raw episode #289
Match: Jeff Jarrett w Debra Vs D'Lo Brown

On the Назад nights Sunday Night Heat we had seen Goldust challenge Jeff Jarrett to a match at the Далее big WWF show, Rock Bottom. The stipulations however were that if Jeff Остаться в живых his lovely manager Debra would have to strip off her clothes! There had been problems between them for weeks the feud would be concluded at this Показать and most Фаны would be cheering on Goldust for obvious reasons!

On the following night's RAW, Debra accompanied Jeff Jarrett to the ring for a match against D'Lo Brown which came about due to D'Lo Brown smashing a гитара over "Double J" also on Sunday Night Heat. D'Lo looked to be winning this match until Debra came onto the фартук to distract the referee to buy her man some time, a tactic she was increasingly using. Goldust came down and grabbed Debra's leg and then flashed Debra after she turned around much to her disgust!

Meanwhile D'Lo Brown pinned a distracted Jarrett and Остаться в живых the match which left Debra irate!

Later on in the night during a match between Goldust and Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett led Debra down to ringside wearing a robe. Returning the favor from earlier, Debra now untied her халат, одеяние and flashed Goldust but this also distracted Owen Hart and Goldust would do a roll up pin and win the match! The plan had backfired to finish off a disappointing night for Debra and Jeff Jarrett!
Goldust flashes Debra!
Debra prepares to Показать off!