Debra ready for her biggest match!
Where: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts    
When: June 14th 1999
Show: Raw is War
Match: Debra (c) Vs Ivory - Women's Championship

Debra would finally defend the WWF Women's Championship on this episode of RAW against her long term nemesis Ivory! Accompanied by Jeff Jarrett who was the Intercontinental Champion, the Women's Champion looked very smug and confident as she strutted to the ring with her Название ремень, пояс, пояса although her expression would be much changed within a few minutes! The fiery Ivory carrying her trademark scarf had clashed with Debra in a number of incidents and occasional matches in Назад months including a cat fight on Sunday Night Heat just over a week назад was here clearly with the intention of defeating the scantily clad Debra for her Название who gave her a smirk as she entered the ring.

The match started with the two women having a stare down and the cocky Debra slapping Ivory across the face with a point and laugh to add insult to injury. An irate Ivory responded by quickly grappling with her blonde rival and after a few moments Ivory used her vastly superior wrestling experience to pull Debra across the ring by the hair and slam her head into the turnbuckle a few times and then suddenly we see Nicole бас, бас-гитара coming down the ramp and watching the action unfold in the ring.

Debra stuck out one of her silver heeled boots onto the bottom turnbuckle pad to block another head smash and surprisingly turned the tables gripping the hair of Ivory with both her hands as she got behind the challenger to her Название to slam Ivory's head on the turnbuckle. Debra then showed an aggressive side as she pushed Ivory's face on вверх of the ropes and then choked her on them to follow. The referee forced Debra to break the hold или consider disqualifying the champ. Debra stood back and again arrogantly laughed at Ivory but her opponent clearly had already had enough of Debra's mocking and throttled the blonde with the scarf on the ropes and then used it to flip Debra over to land hard on the mat. Ivory choked Debra with the scarf again and "We Want Puppies" chants went up as usual just as Debra was flipped over and slammed to the mat once more.

With Nicole бас, бас-гитара continuing to watch, Ivory now had an argument with the referee who wasn't happy over the use of the scarf as Debra caught her breath and recovered. Debra would take the scarf from Ivory and from behind заворачивать, обертывание it around the neck of the challenger and painfully choke Ivory with it with vindictive glee! Jeff Jarrett got onto the фартук for whatever reason, maybe to allow Debra to continue this illegal Переместить but this would allow the giant woman Nicole бас, бас-гитара to enter the ring unseen by the referee just as the Women's Champion looked like she might choke out Ivory who was forced to her knees by Debra's attack!

Debra shrieked as she felt her hair being grabbed from behind making her stop the choking she was doing to Ivory and as she Переместить her hands towards her attacker and attempted to get away. Jeff Jarrett now was trying to get the referee's attention about this but Debra couldn't escape as Nicole placed a giant hand onto the throat of the Champion and now it was Debra being choked out! Debra gasped for breath as she placed her hands to try and break this powerful hold but she was in strength terms outmatched completely and looked tiny in size compared to this amazon!

Nicole continued the choke and Debra shrieked again as Ivory recovered from Debra's attack and rolled the Women's Champion down into a pin with Nicole letting go of the one handed choke! Nicole left the ring as the referee turned back to the action and with Debra still gasping to breathe she had no answer as Ivory got Debra's shoulders down... 1... 2... 3!

The era of the Blonde Bombshells dominating the WWF Women's Championship was over with Ivory defeating Debra!

The Golden Couple was no еще as Jeff Jarrett consoled Debra who was pretty upset over what had happened while Nicole бас, бас-гитара and Ivory had worked together very well and for Nicole in particular after Debra had embarrassed her on RAW the Назад week it was sweet revenge. As the new Women's Champion continued to celebrate, Jeff Jarrett continued to calm Debra down as they headed to the backstage areas!

Match: Jeff Jarrett with Debra Vs Ken Shamrock

With a disappointed former Women's Champion in tow, Jeff Jarrett took on the "World's Most Dangerous Man" with a unique stipulation, Shamrock would not have the use of his arms as he would be wearing a straight jacket! With Debra looking on with concern, Jarrett seemed to have trouble dealing with Shamrock's expertise in leg based submission moves. Jarrett finally seemed to get some control but Shamrock would fight back and put in a leg grapevine Переместить around the neck of Jeff Jarrett and with Debra shouting in frustration towards the ring, Shamrock would force "Double J" to tap out and lose in embarrassing fashion дана the handicap in his favor!

WIth that loss for Jeff Jarrett this completed a very bad evening for Jeff Jarrett & Debra!
The Golden Couple make their way to the ring!
Debra battles with Ivory!
Nicole costs Debra the Women's Title!
Debra watches her man lose later in the night!