Where: National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida     
When: 17th May 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett & Blue Blazer w Debra Vs Val Venis & The Godfather

A week on from surprisingly winning the WWF Women's Championship from Sable as was explained in a brief recap during her entrance, Debra made her way to the ring looking like she was really enjoying carrying the Название ремень, пояс, пояса around. She accompanied Jeff Jarrett for a tag match between her man and The Blue Blazer taking on Val Venis and The Godfather.

The Назад week Debra had slapped Val Venis and cost him a match against Jeff Jarrett but it looked as though Val Venis still had eyes for Debra and as Val made his entrance Debra still seemed to have some attraction for him but it was perhaps a smug smile to say "I made a fool of you" than anything else!

Jeff and Blue "Owen Hart" Blazer controlled the match but towards the end Nicole бас, бас-гитара came down to confront Debra. Despite Nicole towering over her, Debra was confident enoeugh to stand her ground exchanging words with someone who in physical terms could squash her! Jeff Jarrett was distracted by this and he got knocked off the фартук which led to The Godfather pinning Blue Blazer to win the tag match.

Jeff Jarrett quickly led a smiling Debra away. Even now, Debra turned towards the ring and laughed at Val Venis while Val licked his lips still hoping he could perhaps have a night with Debra sometime in the future despite the fact Debra had played him the Назад week! I guess "Puppies" can make a man not think straight!

On a еще serious note, the Далее episode of RAW would be memorable for all the wrong reasons as will be covered soon.
RAW recapped the Назад week. Val Venis watches Debra lose an Evening платье, бальное платье match!
The match does not go well for Debra's team!
Debra does not fear Nicole? Perhaps she should!