Why do Ты like Monica ? CONTEST!

What is it that Ты like about Monica? Give me your best arguments. The winner will get props. The contest ends on the 5th of August. Good luck everyone :)
 Why do Ты like Monica ? CONTEST!
 BBGirlRobsten posted Больше года
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KarlitaJB said:
I like Monica because:
1.-She is funny and pretty
2.-Her hair is beutiful
3.-She helped Rachel qhen she needed her.
4.-She loves Chandler no matter what.
5.-She has had to deal with the fact that her parents are really evil with her sometimes.
6.-She wants to be a good mom.
7.-She is a good cook.
8.-She is a good sister and always helps Ross.
9.-Phoebe couldn't get rid of her when she tried.
10.-She invited Joey´s parents to the wedding even when she didn't have to.
11.-She calmed Emma when she didn´t stop crying.
12.-She had to accept that she couldn´t have her own children , but still , she loves the twins.
13.-She saved the chick and the утка by breaking the Футбол table. XD
14.-She is hilarious when she is drunk.
15.-She put a turkey on her head to apologize to Chandler.

I think that´s all...hehe...:)
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posted Больше года 
wow :) you're right we gotta Любовь Monica :)
BBGirlRobsten posted Больше года
cuz im monica too
monica_xx posted Больше года
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