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posted by justchilin595
DID Ты REALIZE...That in "TOW Monica's thunder", Monica сказал(-а) to Rachel that on the night of her wedding день she is going to announce that she is pregnant. But in "TO after I do". At Monica's wedding Rachel announced to Monica and Phoebe that she was pregnant?

DID Ты REALIZE...Monica married Ross' best friend "Chandler" and Ross married Monica's best friend "Rachel?"

DID Ты REALIZE...That everyone got together out of town. Ross and Rachel in Vegas. Monica and Chandler in London. Joey and Rachel in Barbados. Ross and Chalie in Barbados. Phoebe and Mike in Barbados?

DID Ты REALIZE...That Ross has three different birthdays. December ?, and October 18, and March 20?

DID Ты REALIZE...That Courteney Cox's (Monica Geller) Ex husband stared on an episode of Friends. (David Arquette) Melcolm, in TOW the jam, and Jennifer Aniston's (Rachel Green) Ex husband stared on an episode of Friends. (Brad Pitt) Will, in TOW the rumor?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the breast milk, Monica сказал(-а) "someone must have stolin my credit card" to Rachel when she found the receipt in her куртка when Monica went out with Jolie. But in TOW the fake Monica, someone accually had stolin her credit card?

DID Ты REALIZE...That in TOW all the thanksgivings, Monica accidentaly cut off Chandlers toe because he called her "fat". And David Phoebe's boyfriend сказал(-а) in TOI Barbados that he Остаться в живых his toe to frost bite. But David Schwimmer (Ross) Остаться в живых his toe to frost bite in real life? (What a coincidence that their names are the same)

DID Ты REALIZE...Richard (Monica's ex boyfriend) сказал(-а) in TOW Monica and Richard are just friends. Monica сказал(-а) "see we can still be Друзья who sleep together". Richard says "absolutly, this will just be something we do like 'racketball'". Monica: "so do Ты have anyother 'racketball' buddies". Richard: "just your dad". And in TOW Phoebe's cookies, Chandler plays 'racketball' with Monica's dad (Jack Geller)?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW with Joey's new girlfriend, Rachel сказал(-а) to Ross about his girlfriend. "Ross Ты took your kids to Chucky Cheese and Ты didn't even Kiss her." And in TOW Ross' new girlfriend Rachel сказал(-а) to him, "Whens her birthday." Ross: "I don't know, why." Rachel: "Because it's been so long sence iv been to Chucky Cheese?"

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW all the rugby, Chandler got his nails done, and in TOW Ross' tan Monica says to Ross that Chandler gets pedicares?

DID Ты REALIZE...That in TOW Rachel has a baby part 2, Courteney Cox (Monica) just had a miscarriage with her baby during that time?

DID Ты REALIZE...Estelle (Joey's assistant) also plays the nurse in "TOW the birth?"

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the boobies, Joey has арахис масло, сливочное масло fingers and in TOW the cheap wedding dress' Joey adds арахис масло, сливочное масло fingers to Monica's Список of appetizers?

DID Ты REALIZE...That there are four girls that at lease two of the guys went out with. Kathy - Joey & Chandler, Charlie - Joey & Ross, Janice - Chandler & Ross? (All guys went out with at lease two different girls that another one of the guys went out with too).

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the worst best man ever, Ross сказал(-а) to Chandler "at lease this wedding wont take place in the basement of a пицца Hut". And in TOW Joey's porsche, Rachel сказал(-а) to Ross "that their wedding ужин was at пицца Hut"? (Pizza Hut is command for Ross' weddings)

DID Ты REALIZE...That they mentioned that they played pictionary twice, in TOW all the poker, and in TOI Barbados part 2?

DID Ты REALIZE...That they used the name Philis twice as a fake person?

DID Ты REALIZE...That two of Ross' wife's was going to или did live the coutry and the first thing he worried about is his kids, and how they were going to arrange that?

DID Ты REALIZE... Throughout the whole series of Друзья they give Ты bits and pieces of what was going to happen in the future. Like Chandler being Monica's boyfriends In TOW the beach, and Ross telling Rachel In TOW the old yeller dies, "that it is going to be different it is their kids, hopefully the girl (Emma) comes first". When Rachel is holding Ben?

DID Ты REALIZE...That In TOW the Хэллоуин party Monica picked out Chandler a bunny costume because his Избранное kids book was the Velveteen Rabbit, and In TOW everybody find's out Monica was joking around saying Chandler was part bunny and that's why he's so cute, and when Joey was going out with Kathy, Chandler gave Kathy the book "The Velveteen Rabbit"?

DID Ты REALIZE...Season 1 ended almost like Season 10 did, in Season 1 Rachel went after Ross, and in Season 10 Ross went after Rachel?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the blind dates, Joey says "slim pickens" as if it's not good, then in TOW the pediatrician Monica says "slim pickens" like there is none, but Chandler says it is a name of a restaurant?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the blind dates, Monica says "im ovulating from tomorrow until the sixth" Chandler: "Wait, until the sixth. Today is the sixth", and the день that episode aired was the sixth?

DID Ты REALIZE...With Carol and Rachel, after Ross divorced them, they ended up pregnant with his baby?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the ultimate fighting champian, Ross makes a phone call Актёрское искусство like they have a resurvation under Winona Rider, but in TOW Rachel's big Kiss Winona Rider guest stars as Rachel's college friend?

DID Ты REALIZE...Chandler сказал(-а) "you forgot about the time difference" to Rachel so she wouldn't go see Ross before he went to China in TOW Rachel find's out, and in TOW Rachel's phone number, to Joey, when Joey want's him to come Главная to go see the game but he want's to spend it with Monica. And Chandler sneeks Главная so he doesn't have to go to the game. Then Joey see's him come back right after he just talked to him in 'Tulsa' ?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW Rachel's crush, Chandler talks about somethig and mentions his name is Chaster, and In TOW Ross meet's Elizabeth's dad Phoebe write's a book and instead of saying his name is Chandler she uses Chaster?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW Chandler takes a bath, Chandler doesn't like to take bubble baths yet in TOW all the Поцелуи he takes a bubble bath?

DID Ты REALIZE...In TOW the proposal part 1, Rachel bid on a trip to Paris, and in the Last One she got to go to Paris but didn't go through with it?

Ok final question...DID Ты REALIZE...All of this but didn't put all of the pieces together?
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 From the beginnning...........
From the beginnning...........
Ross and Rachel is a very profound relationship out of all the other relationships on friends. Ever since high school Ross had been in Любовь with Rachel. Thats where it all began.
Ross had harbored a crush on Rachel since the ninth grade. He never really stopped liking her but he had put his feelings aside for her when they began drifting apart after high school. Sophomore год in college he met Carol Willick. After a good eight years they divorced due Carol being a lesbian. A год later once the divorce was final Rachel caught up with the whole gang and they began to get close again. And shortly...
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Ross: [leaning over and talking to Rachel's lap] I can't wait to play with Ты all day, and to hear your first words.
Phoebe: [wide eyed] Why are Ты letting him talk to your crotch that way?
Rachel: He's talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh, that's good. Because when I heard, "I can't wait to hear your first words" I thought, "Boy that's some trick!"

Carol: Oh, what do Ты know? No-one's going up to Ты and saying, "Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this
Carol: pot roast through it?"

Ross: I figured after work, I'd pick up a bottle of wine, go over there, and try to... woo her.
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