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I didn't write this fanfic, I found it on friendscafe.org.

Wrote by matthewperry4ever.

It takes place when Pheobe is giving birth to her triplets. It's right when Joey starts to film and says "and so the miracle of life begins" Instead of him gettting kidney stones something else happens. No one knows about Monica and Chandler yet...

And if I use some of the lines from the Показать или from movies, just try to ignore that. They just so happen to fit perfectly with the current situations, is all. I could think of new ones but those happened to work.

Legal crap: i don't own anything.

Part One:

[hospital room. pheobe is in the bed, still pregnant, and everyone else is there.]
Joey: (picking up his camera) And so the miracle of life begins...

Monica: Ow! (she grabs her stomach)

Joey:what's wrong, Mon?

Monica:I dunno, it's my stomach, it really hurts.
[Chandler rushes to her side to help her]

Joey: Oh, god, I hope it wasn't something Ты ate here at the cafeteria. Cause I pretty much had some of everything in there and I don't want to get sick! I have an audition tomorrow...

Monica: I have to go...(she rushes out of the room covering her mouth, sick to her stomach)

Ross:Wow, that looks bad.

Rachel:Is she OK? I should go find her.

Chandler: (stoping Rachel) No, let me.

Rachel: (unsure)Ok...
[Chandler rushes out of the room to go find Monica]

[Chandler is waiting outside of a woman's restroom. He looks nervous and impatient. He finally pokes his head in the door to see if he can spot Monica, but a woman's scream is heard from the inside and he jumps back out, eyes wide. A woman comes out of the bathroom and gives him a dirty look and rushes away]

Monica: (exiting the restroom) (sarcastically)Well, that sure was fun...

Chandler: (rushing to her) Hey! Are Ты Ok? Ты looked really sick back there. I was worried about you.

Monica: (smiling about Chandlers comment). Yeah, I'm fine.

Chandler: Well, hey, since we're here, we should get Ты to see a doctor. Just to make sure.

Monica: No, I'm OK, really. It's probably just Еда poisoning.

Chandler: No, come on, let's go.
[Monica reluctantly follows Chandler]

[NEW SCENE! In a hospital room. Monica is lying in a bed, and Chandler is sitting in a chair Далее to her holding her hand.]

Chandler: You'll be OK, Mon.

Monica: (smiling) Aw, you're so sweet...
[Chandler smiles and nervously looks around the room]

Monica: Geez, I think you're еще nervous than I am.

Chandler: Well, yeah, I'm worried about you. I don't want Ты to be sick или anything.You mean a lot to me.

Monica: Really?

Chandler:Yes really.
[Monica smiles and leans in to Kiss him. Just then a doctor enters. He is annoyingly cheerful.]

Doctor: Hello!
[Chandler and Monica both jump and look at the doctor, who has a huge grin on his face.]

Chandler: (sarcastically)Well hello to Ты too.

Doctor: (to Monica) How are Ты feeling?

Monica:I still feel kinda sick, I guess.

Chandler: Is she OK?

Doctor: Well, I just got the tests back from our lab here, and, well, let me ask Ты guys some questions, first. Are Ты two married?

Monica: No
[the doctor's smile gets smaller]

Doctor:are Ты engaged?

[the doctor's smile gets smaller]

Doctor: OK. Are Ты dating?
[Chandler and Monica look at each other]

Monica: I don't know.

Chandler:Yeah. Do Ты want to?

Doctor: (with no smile at all) You've got to be kidding me!


Doctor:Well, normally I enjoy giving this kind of news, but now I'm not so sure.(he pauses and looks straight at Monica) Monica, you're pregnant.
[Monica and Chandler are completely silent]

Doctor:Yeah, well I'm gonna go. (to Chandler) Good luck, buddy.(He rushes out)

There's more, but I'll just post if Ты like this part. So leave a coment and rate
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Copy right issues: sadly I do not own this article.

Monica was putting on her make up when her 4 год old daughter came in. "Mommy!"
Monica turned around to face her daughter and smiled. "Hi sweetheart." She was adorable in her new red velvet dress.

"I want to see Santa now! What happens if his Rudolph flies away? Then we won't see him ever mommy! Lets go!" Erica сказал(-а) tugging on her mother's arm.

Monica laughed and set her daughter in her lap. "Your daddy is still in the shower."

"Make daddy come out now!" Erica whined. "I want to see Santa!"

"I know honey and Ты will. He will be there when we...
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