From the beginnning...........
Ross and Rachel is a very profound relationship out of all the other relationships on friends. Ever since high school Ross had been in Любовь with Rachel. Thats where it all began.
Ross had harbored a crush on Rachel since the ninth grade. He never really stopped liking her but he had put his feelings aside for her when they began drifting apart after high school. Sophomore год in college he met Carol Willick. After a good eight years they divorced due Carol being a lesbian. A год later once the divorce was final Rachel caught up with the whole gang and they began to get close again. And shortly after his feelings came rushing back.
Ross and Rachel had a very loving relationship when they got together in season two. Even Ross believed he loved Rachel еще than Carol whom he loved for EIGHT years. Then a год later they broke up. And thats when the rest of the history started coming together..
Through the years it was a complicated situation between Ross and Rachel. They had gotten married, then divorced and they had a child together. This all proves that they should be together. But what was really keeping them apart? Pride and the history. They had their pride. Neither would want to get together because of it. Their history was so large that they were afraid that if they did get together again it wouldn't work out because of the past. And also they did not want to go through the pain of getting over the other. They had a complicated relationship but something was still there....
There were many times that they had relationships with others that didn't work out. Ross divorced two times(excluding Rachel), and Rachel failed relationships. Why could this be so? It is possible that they still had feelings for each other. Ex. Ross married Emily. He divorced her. Why? He had сказал(-а) Rachel instead of Emily's name. Yes, he did divorce Rachel but isn't it possible that the reason being why he divorced her was because they were drunk while they got married and they had no knowledge of it? They were meant to be together but they must decide it together. They truly loved each other deeply. Deep down inside. Yet they could not admit it.
Ross and Rachel are not a normal couple. Through the years Rachel had depended on Ross and he acted his part by being there for her. They were practically husband and wife. Just not legally bound. They had a kid without the bounds of marriage. They have a connection that meets или clicks when they come face to face или eyes to eyes.
They Любовь each other еще than words can explain. They always have and they always will.

............Till the end.