Season Finale:
TOW Ross and Rachel get married.

Part 2 of 2

Chandler's voice: Previously on FRIENDS:

Joey: Well today's your big день Rach. What time is the wedding gonna start?
(Phoebe Rachel Monica and Chandler look at Joey.)
Joey: I'm just kidding!
(They all look away.)
Joey: (whispers to Chandler) Seriously, what time will it be?
Rachel: Um, actually can Ты guys take care of Emma for a while? Just watch her and take her to the bathroom if she needs to go. Stuff like that.
Chandler and Joey: Yeah. Sure.
Rachel: Yes, that'd be great. She's taking a nap right now with the twins and all her stuff is on the rocking chair. When Ты bring her down there bring her into our suite.
Ross: Эй, Chandler, do Ты know where the wedding rings are?
Chandler: Oh my God! First the engagement ring now this? Uh...Hold on I'm coming over. (hangs up phone)
Chandler: Come on Joe we gotta help Ross.
Joey: But what about---
Chandler: Whatever it is just leave it here we'll take care of it later.
Chandler: Where's Emma?
Joey: Ты told me to leave her.
Chandler: No I didn't!
Joey: Uh, yeah Ты did! I asked Ты what about and then Ты сказал(-а) to just leave it there.
Chandler: Well I didn't think Ты were talking about Emma! Why did Ты even ask? Of course Ты bring Emma!
Joey: Well I wasn't sure if we were supposed to bring her!
Chandler: Of course Ты bring her! Ты don't leave a three year-old toddler at a coffee house! Come on we gotta get down there!!!
Chandler: Oh! Jeez. Uh is Emma here?
Gunther: Uh, yeah. What the hell are Ты doing leaving a three year-old at a coffee shop. AND it's Rachel's baby!
Monica: So your really pregnant?
Rachel: Uh-huh...
Monica: Wait Ross doesn't know does he?
Rachel: No. I don't want to tell him until after the wedding.
(Ross looks by the garbage and finds it by the side of the toilet. He picks it up on the good side and it says "Pregnant." He then looks up and throws it in the garbage. He stares at nothing for a moment.)
Ross: Oh my God.
(Ross then runs out of the bathroom and runs out of the apartment. The scene then comes to the Plaza. We enter room 302. We see Rachel is in her wedding dress and veil. (The audience ooohs. She looks in the mirror then looks at Monica. Smiling, Monica says:)

Monica: Honey, Ты look so beautiful.
(Rachel just smiles. Then says: )
Rachel: Thanks for helping me pick out the dress Mon, its probably better than I'd have expected.
Monica: I know!!!!
(Phoebe then comes out of the bathroom with Emma. Rachel sees her then puts her hands on her face.)
Rachel: Oh Emma.
Phoebe: Isn't she the most adorable little thing? I swear it was like dressing up a cabbage patch kid!
Monica: Pheebs, I thought Ты didn't have a cabbage patch kid when Ты were younger.
Phoebe: I didn't, but I play with Joey's. Yeah whenever we were both off work we would stay at his apartment and play. We had a BLAST.
Rachel: Sounds like it was fun.
Phoebe: Was? We still do it!
(Monica and Rachel look at each other.)

(Opening Credits)

(We enter the guy's suite. Chandler and Joey are with Ben. They frantically talk to each other quietly.)
Joey:(Panicky) Do Ты think Gunther will tell Rachel?
Chandler: No, I'm pretty sure he won't. If he does...Nice knowing Ты man.
(Hugs and Pats Joey on the back. Ross walks in and walks up to the guys.)

Ross: Someone's pregnant.
Joey and Chandler: What? What?
Ross: Yeah, I don't know who but someone is.
Chandler: Well how do Ты know?
Ross: Well I went to your apartment looking for Mon, I looked in all the rooms then I saw the bathroom door was slightly closed. So I knocked and then I went in and I saw a box on the floor. I saw it was a pregnancy test box. So I looked around the bathroom for the test. I saw it on the floor and I picked it up and--
Chandler: Uh-whoa Ты picked up the pregnancy test?
Ross: Yeah. Why?
Chandler: Someone peed on it. Ты don't know who did. It could've been Mon, it could've been Pheebs. It wouldn't matter if it was Rachel's but. Still, someone peed on it.
Ross: Are Ты done now?
Chandler: Yes..
Chandler: Well we all know that its one of the girls because I highly doubt any of Ты guys are pregnant. Right?
Ross: Of course.
Chandler: So who do Ты think it is?
Ross: Well I don't know.
Chandler: Well its not Monica. We know that for sure. We already have enough to deal with right now I'm pretty sure she won't want anymore kids.
Joey: So we got Phoebe and Rach. I don't know about Ты but I think its Rach.
Chandler: Joe, Ты can't just go around assuming--
Ross: Well...Now that I think about it is possible. I mean she left early the other день to go somewhere. It could've been the doctors. And well, she's been..Moody with me lately. I asked her what she wanted for ужин then assumed I was calling her fat.
Chandler: Well we can figure this out later. The ceremony starts in thirty minutes. You need to get ready.
Ross: Okay. See Ты guys soon.
(Ross walks out)
Joey: See? Ross thinks it Rachel too.
Chandler: I do too. I just didn't want to put any ideas in his head...
Joey: Well I guess consuming is something Ты can do.
Chandler: Joe. It's--Never mind.

(We go back to the girl's suite. Rachel is telling Phoebe to give Emma to Chandler again.)

Phoebe: Why can't we just take her?
Rachel: Because--
Monica: Ben is walking with her down the aisle so she won't fall.
Phoebe: Oh. Well can't we watch her until the ceremony?
Rachel: Yes but--
Monica: --We have to get into position early. They have to set us up in the order were walking down the aisle. So Rach thought it would be best and just kept Emma with Ben so she wouldn't wander off.
Phoebe: Oh well thats a good plan.
Rachel: I just thought it--
Monica: It's better organized that way and we also won't lose Emma.
(Rachel looks from Phoebe to Monica then says: )
Rachel: Mon? Hi. Ты will let me say "I do" right?
Monica: Yeah...
Phoebe: Uh, anyways. So just go drop her off at the guy's suite?
Rachel: Yes. Thanks Pheebs.
(She walks over to guy's suite. She knocks on the door and Joey says: )
Joey: Its open Pheebs! I didn't know that I had the rings! I just found them in my куртка pocket!
Chandler: Ross has been freaking out! Would it kill Ты to check your pockets Далее time? Ugh. Gimme.
Joey: I'm sorry! Anyways. Uh, what's up Pheebs?
Phoebe: Uh Rach told me to give Ты guys Emma until the ceremony--
Joey: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Phoebe: Why not?
Joey: Because--Uh...Well because--uh Chandler?
Chandler: What?
Phoebe: Why don't Ты guys want to take Emma?
Chandler: Excuse me what?
Phoebe: Why don't Ты guys want to take Emma?
Chandler: I'm sorry what?
Chandler: OKAY! Alright. Well..Last time we babysat Emma, which was this morning, uh..We..and as in we I mean Joey--
Joey: Ты SAID--
Phoebe: Ты what???
Joey: Pheebs please don't tell Rachel....She'll kill us.
Chandler: Pleaseeeeeeee pheb pheeb pheeb pheeb pheeb pheeb phoebe?
Phoebe: Fine.
Joey and Chandler: YES!
Phoebe: BUT! Under one condition.
Chandler: Yeah anything Ты name it.
Phoebe: What secret Ты hiding?
Chandler: (nervously clears throat) What?
Phoebe: Ты know.
Chandler: I'm positive I don't know what you're talking about.
Phoebe: Oh well--
Chandler: Joey?!?
Joey: I'm sorry. I just don't want Rachel to kill me.
Phoebe: That's the secret? Your kidding me right? I've known that since this morning!
Chandler: How did Ты know?
Phoebe: Rachel told me after she took the test.
Joey: Well how do Ты know she is?
Phoebe: It was positive.
Chandler: Well, how did Ты know that we were keeping that secret?
Phoebe: Because, I know Ты too well Chandler Bing.
Phoebe: Wait. How did Ты guys find out?
Chandler: Well Ross found the pregnancy test in Monica's bathroom. He ran back here and told us about it. We figured--
Joey: NO. I! I! ME--
Chandler: Okayokay okay! Joey figured it was Rachel.
Joey: Actually it was a lucky guess. (bragging) I consumed.
Phoebe: Well I can understand why Ты didn't suspect Monica but why not me?
Joey: I don't know...
Phoebe: Well. Oh my God. I can't believe he knows now. She didn't want to tell him till after the wedding.
Chandler: Well he isn't positive she's pregnant. He's still kinda unsure about the whole thing. So there's nothing really to worry about.
Chandler: So is she planning to use the baby as a wedding present to him или what?
Phoebe: Thats what I said! She got mad at me though. Anyways so will Ты take Emma?
Chandler: Fine. But if we lose this her this time it is all your fault.
Phoebe: Fine fine fine just be careful with her and take her to Ben five минуты before the ceremony starts.
Chandler: Okay your trusting her with a eleven-year old?
Phoebe: No worse than trusting her with you.
Chandler: Touche`

(Scene fades and we enter a hallway. Ross is leaning up against the Стена of the girls bedroom. He stays there for minutes. Then Monica comes out.)
Monica: WHAT ARE Ты DOING?!?
Ross: AH! What--What do Ты mean what am I doing?
Monica: Your getting married in a few minutes. What are Ты doing standing in the middle of the hallway?
Ross: It's nothing.
Monica: Nothing? What's wrong? Come on tell me.
Ross: Seriously it's nothing.
Monica: Ross.
Ross: ::sighs:: It's just--I've been divorced. Three times.
Monica: Yeah we all know that.
Ross: Well. I'm just scared. What if this marriage turns into another divorce? We've tried to get together so many times. And then we came apart so many times. What if this time won't work out? I don't care about my feelings. I can push back my feelings. I can deal with them if we ever separated again. That's what I have been doing since high school. But Rach...I just--::exhale::--I don't want her to get hurt again. God especially not Emma. I don't want her to go through what Rach did with her parents. I could never..never put her through that. Just watching Rach go through it made me upset.
Monica: Ross? Yes. Ты do get divorced. A LOT. But I know that this marriage will last. This is the marriage Ты will be dying with. Let me ask Ты a question: Why did Rachel say yes to Ты when Ты asked her to marry you?
Ross: Because the rock was the size of her fist.
Monica: No! She loves you. She cares about you. She went like what, almost half way around the world just to tell Ты that she loved you? And then she stopped herself because knew that Ты were happy and in Любовь with someone else? I don't know what else to call that. She loves you. And Ты Любовь her too. That's all Ты need for a marriage to work. I know from my experience with Chandler. We both are simply TERRIBLE at relationships. But because we Любовь each other, we have been able to keep our marriage going for almost what three years? And yet I still consider Ты luckier than me. I mean I Любовь Chandler. So much. He's perfect. For me. But for you--You have someone who would do anything, just to be with you. Just to Любовь you.
Ross: Wow. Thanks Mon.
(They hug)
Monica: No problem. But if Ты do divorce her and hurt her, I will kick your ass. And that's a promise.
Ross: (laughing) Ты got it.

(They hug and we come to the hall they rented in the hotel. Everyone is seated. They all wait behind the doors in order.)

Monica: Ready?

(The doors open. Phoebe Monica and Emma were dressed in blue dresses. Phoebe and Monica were holding white calla lilies while Emma dropped white rose petals. Their hair was curled and tied in a пони tail. (Emma's was just sightly curled.) Chandler, Mike and Ben, wore black Форс-мажоры and blue vests and ties. They each had a white rose bud on their left shoulder. Ben held the two wedding rings on a blue velvet pillow. They all came out two by two. The first two were Ben and Emma. They made their way down the aisle and separated after Ben walked Emma to her place. Then Phoebe and Mike walked down the aisle. Soon followed by Chandler and Monica. Joey was already at the alter dressed in a tux. Like the other guys his was in a black suit with a blue vest and tie. Then Ross walked down the aisle with his parents. He was dressed in a black suite with a black bow tie with a blue vest. They finally made it to the alter and Ross' dad whispered:)
Jack Geller: This is I'm hoping the last one?
(Ross nodded in reassurance. Музыка then began to play on the piano. The song was Pachebel's Canon in D. The congregation then rose and turned to watch Rachel walk down the aisle. Her parents walked alongside her, with her wedding dress draping across the aisle way as she strode to the alter. She carried white and blue calla lilies. They finally reached the rest of them and her parents sat down. Joey then began the ceremony.)

Joey: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to watch a great Любовь finally ignite. I stand here before Ты as not only a good friend of Ross and Rachel but also a witness to practically everything they have been through to get here. I am so sure that these two are made for each other that I can't even stand it. It's impossible to find another person for them other than each other. Now for the vows. Rachel?
(Monica gives Rachel the vow cards and takes the bouquet.)
Rachel: Ross, all my life I have been waiting for this moment. Ever since I was still very young. Though I must admit, I did not expect it to be Ты I am standing Далее to. About nine-ten years назад I found out Ты were in Любовь with me. I had no idea. And because I found that out, it made me realize a whole lot. It's always been Ты who has been at my side. Who took care of my every need. Who was at my beck and call every time. Ты were there when I was hurting. Ты were the one who mended my сердце every time someone broke it. After then, I never stopped loving you. If we were apart или together. So today, I am hoping to Любовь Ты forever. I want to leave here today to have Ты as my husband, my confidant,
and my best friend.
(Phoebe and Monica in tears. Rachel then hands the cards to Monica.)
Joey: Ross?
(Chandler hands the cards to Ross.)
Ross: Rachel, I thought I had the perfect life. Got the best parents, the best sister, the best friends. But the only thing left I needed in my life was someone to Любовь me as much as Ты do. But the only person I could find, was you. It has been almost a battle trying to find one person that loves Ты so much that its unbreakable. When we got together I knew. I thought to myself, "this is right. This is what I've been waiting for." But I made the stupid mistake. I hated myself for that. Then I tried to get over Ты by doing stupid things that in the end, made me hurt even more. Till now I still have those regrets. All the time we lost. But now, I find myself not only in Любовь with Ты once again but also, the luckiest guy in the world.
Joey: Ohw. (clearing throat) Ahem. Well now the rings.
(Joey takes the rings from Ben.)
Joey: Ross repeat after me and place this ring on Rachel's finger. "With this ring, I thee wed."
Ross: (slowly placing the ring on Rachel's finger) With this ring, I thee wed.
Joey: Rachel please do the same. (Whispers to Chandler: I didn't feel like saying the whole thing again.)
Rachel: (placing the ring on his finger) With this ring, I thee wed.
Joey: Now. Ross, do Ты take Rachel-- Rach whats your middle name?
Rachel: Ты know my middle name.
Joey: Michelle?
Rachel: No! Karen!
Joey: Okay. Ross do Ты take Rachel Karen Green to be Ты lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health for as long as Ты both shall live?
Ross: I do.
Joey: Okey Dokey! Rachel to Ты take--Ross?
Joey: Rachel do Ты take Ross Eustace Geller as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health--::Breathes in deeply:: for as long as Ты both shall live?
Rachel: (Stares at Joey for a moment then:) I do.
Joey: Okay! By the power vested in me by..the blah blah and the state of New York blah blah I now pronounce Ты husband and wife. Ты may Kiss the bride.
(They kiss. Then after the ceremony everyone proceeds to the reception room. Everyone is either dancing или sitting. Then the lead singer announces:)
L.Singer/Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman it gives me great pleasure to introduce to Ты for the very first time: Mr and Mrs. Ross Eustace Geller! Please clear the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.
(Everyone clears the floor. The way Ты look tonight the original version starts to play. They walk to the dance floor and begin to dance. Ross sways her side to side singing: )
Ross: "Some day, when I'm awfully low..when the world is cold..I will feel a glow just thinking of you..and the way Ты look..tonight. Yes your lovely, with your eyes so warm, and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to Любовь you, and the way Ты look tonight..With each word your tenderness grows tearing my fear apart....And that laugh that wrinkles your nose touches my foolish heart..Love-ly, never, ever, change keep that breathless charm, wont Ты please arrange it, cause I Любовь you..just the way Ты look tonight."
(After they danced they had dinner. Ross, Rachel, Chandler Monica Phoebe Mike and Joey all ate at one table. The twins and Emma were with Rachel and Ross' parents.)
Joey: ::food in mouth:: Rach, --is al--mon ish hreat!
Chandler: And I believe that was: "Rach this лосось is great!
Rachel: Joey--Never mind. Just keep eating.
Phoebe: I can't believe Ты guys are married now. It seems like just yesterday when Ты ran out on your first wedding and you had only one divorce.
Ross: Ah. Haha nice one Pheebs. But uh we all know this is it. Just three. With this one, there will be no four.
(Ross grasps Rachel's hand and kisses it. After ужин they had cake. Ross and Rachel cut it then went over to feed Emma. They all had icing all over their face once they were done. After cake Rachel danced with her father while Ross danced with his new mom. Eventually, in the middle of all the hoopla, Ross pulled Rachel aside to talk to her.)
Rachel: What is it sweetie?
Ross: Um...I know.
Rachel: Ты know?
Ross: About Ты know.
Rachel: About?
Ross: About the baby. I found your pregnancy test in Mon's bathroom.
Rachel: Oh--
Ross: --Oh don't worry. I'm happy about this. This baby will be the first baby we have as a married couple.
Rachel: Yeah...I Любовь you.
Ross: I Любовь Ты too. And I can't say it enough.
Rachel: (Smiling) Me neither.
(Both smiling then they kiss)
Rachel: I'm gonna go hang out with Mon okay?
(Rachel walks over to Monica)
Monica: Come with me to the bathroom I really have to go!
Rachel: Okay?
(They went to the bathroom)
Rachel: Oh wow. Now I gotta go.
(Couple минуты later Rachel comes out while Monica fixes her face in the mirror)
Monica: Joey is like pigging out by the Десерт cart. I swear one день I really think he'll eat so much he'll have to stop...No. Forget it not in this reality.
Rachel: Mon?
Monica: Yeah?
Rachel: Is it good to be spotting while your pregnant?
Monica: Uh No. Are you--?
Rachel: Yeah but only a little bit.
Monica: Hm. I think thats normal. It's only been a couple weeks right? We'll just check with the doctor tomorrow. Tonight lets have fun.
(They left the bathroom and went back to the party.
Rachel eventually had told everyone she was pregnant. It ended around eight. Eventually everyone left. Then, they all packed up their stuff and went home. Phoebe, Mike and Joey went Главная but Ross, Rachel, and Emma went Главная with Monica and Chandler. They open the door.)
Monica: So wait. When are Ты guys leaving?
Ross: Friday morning.
Chandler: And your going where again?
Rachel: Ha-wa-ii.
Chandler: Wow. I didn't know Ты pronounce it as "Ha-wa-ii-ii."
Monica: When will Ты be back?
Ross: We'll be back Tuesday night. I'll be right back..I had so much champaign that I could pee like a fountain.
Chandler: Like Niagara Falls? I'm gonna go change and put the twins to bed.
Monica: I'm gonna go change too.
Rachel: Okay. I'll just be here in the kitchen.

(After everyone left Rachel put Emma down on a high chair. She then began to walk by the couch. She started walking slower. Then came to a stop. She then put her hand on the side of her head and suddenly fainted. Audience ooohs. Ross then comes out of the bathroom.)
Ross: Rach? I think we should--Rach? Rachel--Oh God.
(Ross had seen Rachel sprawled out on the floor and runs to Rachel's aid. He quickly lifts her to the диван, мягкий уголок and kneels by her side. Then continuously saying: )
Ross: Rach? Rach?
(Monica comes rushing out soon after)
Monica: Oh my God. What happened?
Ross: I don't know. I don't know whats wrong. She won't wake up. She's breathing though. Call 9-1-1.
(In panic, Monica dials phone then calls Chandler)
Monica: Chandler!
(Chandler rushes out of room)
Chandler: Oh my-What happened?
Monica: We don't know and we don't have time to find out. I need Ты to stay here and take care of the kids. Me and Ross are going to the hospital.
Chandler: Okay.
Monica: (to the phone) Hello, yes? I need an скорая помощь fast. Yes. Yes. Yes apartment twenty. Okay. Thank you. (Hangs up phone) They're coming. Chandler I'll call Ты when we find out what's wrong. We just need to get her to the hospital. I think it has to do with the baby. Go bring Emma into the room with the kids. Put her on the постель, кровати and put her to sleep. Oh and call Sandra and Leonard they're in my phone book. Tell them to come to the hospital. Just tell them that Rachel passed out and we're taking her to the hospital. I'll call Ты when we get there okay? I Любовь you.
(Kisses Chandler then he grabs Emma and brings her into the room. Monica bends down beside Rachel with Ross. They both knelt before her, waiting. He sat there just sliding his hand over her hair. The скорая помощь came shortly and Ross carried her into the ambulance. He wouldn't let them take her so he did it himself. He laid her every so gently on the backboard. Monica got in. The sirens were loud but Ross didn't care.)
Monica: (consoling Ross) She's strong Ross. She'll be fine.
Ross: How do you--know?
Monica: I-- (long pause) I don't know Ross. I don't know.