So Друзья begun and it began with a bang
Chandler made jokes and Phoebe sang,
Ross was glum whilst Rachel was free
Well if Ты escaped Barry, wouldn't Ты be?

Monica had relationships but they ended badly
Joey had auditions but never got parts, sadly.
Phoebe found a thumb but never knew her Dad,
She hardly saw her sister but for that she was glad

Ross and Rachel got it on and Chandler was still funny,
But then Eddie moved in and he wasn't a happy bunny
Monica found Richard and Joey got a new job too
But he missed Chandler, well wouldn't you?!

Whilst Phoebe found her brother Rachel found the list,
Ross was devastated, but of course there was a twist
Richard didn't want kids, and a prom video was to be found,
Ross was Rachel's lobster, it was smiles and kisses all round

When Monica Остаться в живых Richard, Janice came onto the scene
But Chandler found her annoying, her laugh was just obscene!
The Друзья played Football and Rachel was made to 'go long'
Phoebe sang Smelly Cat and so it was her signature song

Chandler and Joey adopted a chick and a duck,
But then they were robbed, it was pure bad luck
Left with a canoe, Baywatch was their obsession,
Phoebe found her real mum, who had a confession

Monica worked as a chef as Ross and Rachel took a break,
He tried to keep his drunken night a secret, of course for Rachel's sake
But it proved the wrong thing to do as Rachel found out anyway,
He tried his best but to no avail, Ross didn't know what to say

Chandler finally dumped Janice, no еще 'bing-a-ling',
Whilst he, Monica and Joey were freaked by a jellyfish sting
Rachel moved on as Ross found Emily and got set to wed,
But at the alter it was not Emily's name but Rachel's that he said

When they got together, Monica and Chandler surprised us all,
The gang went out to Vegas whilst Joey made a call
He didn't want them to know he hadn't got the part,
The Друзья found out anyway, and helped him make a fresh start

Marriage was the thing on Monica and Chandler's mind,
While Ross and Rachel already had, drunken but legally signed!
Rachel wanted a divorce, but an annulment would have to do
Meanwhile Ross met Elizabeth's Dad, now he was just cuckoo!

Chandler tricked Monica, and a proposal was what he did,
She happily accepted, their Далее step was a kid!
Phoebe made печенье but the recipe was not her own,
Monica found out they were Nestle's and boy, did she moan.

Then came the time for Mon and Chan's special day,
Chandler got cold feet but he got there anyway
Rachel had a secret that was to be revealed there and then,
She was pregnant, and needed to tell Ross but didn't know when

Ross was shocked but was happy he had a sister for Ben,
Joey too had a secret, he loved Rachel (like most men!)
Rachel was flattered but wanted to remain friends,
She then had a baby as her and Ross made amends

Phoebe had now met mike and they decided to Переместить in,
He found out she had rats, and wanted them in the bin!
Ross was made key note speaker and on holiday they all went,
Rachel and Joey kissed and time together they spent

As the holiday ended Ross found out about the kiss,
He pretended he was fine but it was something he couldn't dismiss
Joey and Rachel stayed Друзья and Phoebe married fast
Whilst Monica and Chandler found a baby they could adopt at last

It wasn't just one baby that they had, but surprisingly two,
Chandler freaked out, but they were his children, he knew
Joey made a welcome Главная sign but sat in the paint,
And Mike made a better one, and Joey put in a complaint

Rachel was offered a job but it was too far away
How could she leave Ross, could he not pursuade her to stay?
She left for the plane but he raced to bring her back
She couldn't do it and boarded the plane, she thought she was back on track

Monica and Chandler had brought the twins home,
While a sad Ross just wanted to be alone
A voice message told him Rachel wanted to get off the plane,
And as the door swung open it was Rachel that came

So there it was as Monica and Chandler got set to leave,
They had all spent ten years together, it was hard to believe
Tears and sadness followed as they put their keys on the side,
As they left the apartment, knowing they'd made an impact worldwide.