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TitanicLeoKate posted on Sep 13, 2011 at 03:50PM
I saw this in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel spot and thought it be fun to do it here!

Part #1: Introduction
Now, I'm going to explain the rules. Now if you are new to this keep reading, if you already know how it goes then just skip this part and move to Part #2.
Alright, this contest like I said is not like normal icon contests; in normal ones you only submit 1 icon, here you have to submit 20. Don't worry, you have 20 days if you need it so take your time. So what you do first is you choose a character, episode, or whatever the topic happens to be at the time, you want to work on by replying to this forum and telling me your choice.
1) Sign up for a character, episode, ect. again depending of the topic at the time, that has already been taken.
2) Use an Icon that you had already made before.
3) No stealing, you have to make the icons, not just get them from any user/website/club.
Here's other rules you should know:
Some rules are the same in most other contests, here are some reminders:
1. Icons do not have to be a particular size, but they have to be squared.
2. No animated icons (GIFs).
3. No repeated icons or same icons as before with different effects.

Now the icons are divided into 3 parts.
Part 1: Themes (I will give you a theme for every single icon of your first part, which are 10 icons. eg; blue, family, dark, light)
Part 2: Category icons (I will give you one theme for your next 5 icons. eg; emotions, one color)
Part 3: Artist's Choice icons (5 icons of your choice)
Once again, you have 20 days so do not rush, take your time, make some awesome icons. And Remember, every Round has different themes for both Category icons and Theme icons.

Part #2: Prop Ranking
Participation: 1 prop
Theme winners: 2 props
Category winners: 5 props
Artist's choice winners: 5 props

Round 1: Characters
3.Plus Two
5.Full Body
7.Funny Moment
Category: top five favorite scenes involving the character you chose
Artists Choice: 5 Icons of your choice

Round 1 Sign Ups:
TitanicLeoKate - Phoebe Buffay
leytonfaan_18 - Ross Geller
loolamcloo - Monica Gellar

Have Fun!
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