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sheerika posted on Jun 18, 2012 at 09:47AM
Every now and then a theme will be picked by me and the winner of the round will pick the next theme. We are collecting points, thanks Nicolas :) Winner gets 10 pts, runner gets 5 pts and the rest gets 1 pt.

Sheerika: 57 pts
Nicolas97: 60 pts
Justchilin595: 12 pts
Alkonyat : 41 pts
Kathyism: 1 pts
Marakii : 6 pts
LiLa_66: 13 pts
Xojencool: 1 pts
Rae2233: 11 pts
NellLovetCarter: 8 pts
Sheerinandamian: 4 pts

Round three: "Friends boys": Winner alkonyat
Round four: "Ross Rachel and Emma": Winner alkonyat
Round five: "Joey and Chandler" :Winner: Sheerika
Round six: "Mondler: Winner: LiLa_66
Round seven: "Phoebe": Winner: Nicolas97
Round eight: "Ross and Rachel: Winner: Nicolas97
Round nine: "Halloween costume": Winner: Ra2233
Round ten: "Christmas": Alkonyat
Round eleven: "Thanksgiving": Sheerika
Round twelve: "Phoebe and Joey":

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