Друзья Друзья Birthday Game

sheerika posted on Sep 25, 2012 at 03:31AM
Just follow this chart and make it into you birthday and post below.

Choose the month you/a friend/someone you know was/were born in:
January- You are best friends with
February- You go on a date with
March- You got to Central Perk with
April- You wake up naked beside
May- You dance with
June- You fall in love with
July- You have a play date with
August- You have dinner with
September- You live with
October- You sing with
November- You have a baby with
December- You get married to

Now choose the day you were born on:
1- Rachel
2- Joey
3- Ross
4- Chandler
5- Phoebe
6- Monica
7- Janice
8- Mike
9- Emily
10- Carol
11- Ursula
12- Erica
13- Jack
14- Amy
15- Ben
16- Frank
17- Jill
18- Marcel
19- Estelle
20- Nora
21- Charles
22- Barry
23- Janine
24- Judy
25- Charlie
26- Tag
27- David
28- Emma
29- Melissa
30- Will
31- Gunther

Then just create the sentence. Pretty simple.

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Больше года sheerika said…
big smile
You are best friends with Chandler
Больше года Rae2233 said…
You live with Melissa.

Больше года marakii said…
You sing with Ben ;P
Больше года NellLovetCarter said…
You dance with Charlie:)
Больше года justchilin595 said…
I wake up naked beside Carol! :( eww...
last edited Больше года
Больше года Nicolas97 said…
You Dance With Gunther ??? ewwwwwww
Больше года Nicolas97 said…
big smile
My Best Friend Went On A Date With Emma & I Got To Dance With Gunther ?? Whi God Why (As Joey Would Say)