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User20392 posted on Nov 14, 2010 at 12:18AM
This is another game I found in the Supernatural spot. You might be tired of reading that, but I'm just saying because it wasn't my idea. xD

How to play this game

An example on how to play this game:

Me: TPBM thinks that Friends shouldn't have end.
Someone else: True. TPBM thinks that Friends is the best TV show ever made.
Another person: True. TPBM thinks that Ross and Rachel were ment to end up together.

And that's how it is. And if you don't know what TPBM means, I'll tell you: it means 'The Person Below Me'. :)

And... Have fun!

EDIT: I forgot to start this game! Here it is:

TPBM thinks that Friends had a great end.
 This is another game I found in the Сверхъестественное spot. Ты might be tired of Чтение that, but I'm ju
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Больше года alkonyat said…
True, I so love the last episode:)

TPBM thinks Friends has an awesome cast

Больше года User20392 said…
True. :)

TPBM didn't like the begining of Friends.
Больше года alkonyat said…

TPBM love Joey and Chandler's friendship
Больше года User20392 said…
True. They always make even funnier every episode. :D

TPBM liked how Ross and Rachel ended up together.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
so unbeliveably true!!!!!

TPBM likes Ross the most
Больше года User20392 said…
Probably true. :)

TPBM wasn't expecting that kind of end for the show.
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
False. I knew what would happen and I loved it :D

TPBM would love to work in fashion like Rachel.
Больше года mariana5 said…

TPBM thinks Phoebe is the most funny one
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
False. sadly she one of my least favorite. i mean i love pheebs to death but not my favorite.

TPBM loves season 8 the most
Больше года User20392 said…
False. I like that season a lot, but it isn't my favorite I guess.

TPBM liked Friends since the beginning of the series.
Больше года rorymariano said…
False. I just discovered Friends about a year ago, but I have loved it ever since!

TPBM thinks that Joey and Phoebe should have gotten together.
Больше года User20392 said…
True/False. I'm not really sure, but I think I would like that. The writers didn't even let Joey end up with anyone at the end of Friends and they made a spin-off that not everyone liked so Joey could finally end up with someone, and I think that was completely unfair. He's a great character. I think he deserved better.

TPBM watches Friends everyday or almost everyday no matter what. xD
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
everyday no matter what. honestly i dont no a day i havnt watched it since i started. its that addicting. :)

TPBM loves phoebe's songs
Больше года rorymariano said…
True! I love them, and can recite them at random moments. I try to only do that around people who watch the show, so that I don't seem really odd ;)

TPBM wishes that Monica and Chandler had been able to have children naturally.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
Both. I think if they had them naturally it would have been adorable, but for the shows sake, i think having them with a seraget was a good choice

TPBM hopes they make a friends movie
Больше года rorymariano said…
Both. It could be great, and of course I would love to see everybody again. However, I would hate it if they messed the show up with a movie. At least we got a wonderful ending just in case ;)

TPBM loves Ross and Rachel together.
Больше года alkonyat said…
big smile
Sooo true:) They are my favorite TV couple:)))

TPBM loves the flashback episodes
Больше года rorymariano said…

TPBM loves the Thanksgiving episodes
Больше года alkonyat said…
True, they're all awesome

TPBM loves every character
Больше года User20392 said…
True! :D

TPBM liked Monica better in the beginning of Friends.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
True :) after she got with chandler she changed

TPBM liked joey in the later seasons better
Больше года alkonyat said…

TPBM likes Rachel in the later seasons better
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
true, well i liked her all round but better at the end :)

TPBM likes the name Emma for Ross's and Rachel's baby
Больше года alkonyat said…
true, I like her name:)

TPBM likes Phoebe with Mike
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
True, i think they are adorable :)

TPBM would like a career as being a paleontologist
Больше года alkonyat said…
False, 'cause I hate History.

TPBM thinks that Friends is the best sitcom:)
Больше года User20392 said…
True. It would be awesome. xD

TPBM would like to have the name and/or the surname of one of the Friends characters.

EDIT: Apparently, I posted at the same time Alkonyat did... So I only answered the thing about being a Paleontologist, so... The answer for ''TPBM thinks that Friends is the best sitcom is True. :)
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Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
False. I like my name :D

TPBM loved Ross and Rachel since their very first scene together.
Больше года alkonyat said…
well, I cannot answer because the first episode I saw was not the firs episode. But as I remember I always loved their scenes even though I didn't know their past. I thought there's something special between them :D

TPBM loves how Friends ended
Больше года User20392 said…
False/True. :/

TPBM's favorite TV show is Friends.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…

TPBM loves Hugsies! (Joey's stuffed penguin)
Больше года User20392 said…
LOL True. xD It's awesome.

TPBM likes Rachel better than the other characters.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
Semi true. Shes my favoite girl.

TPBM when watching an episode resites the parts you know with the character (guilty as charged XD)
Больше года orkneymatrix said…
True! LOL

TPBM thinks Joey should have ended up with Erin.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
Nope. I mean i think Joey deserves someone, and im a die hard R&R fan trust me, but part of me thought he really deserved Rach.

TPBM is emotionaly attatched to friends.
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
So true! ♥

TPBM has talked to a complete stranger about Friends before.
Больше года jeannette26 said…
True,but its been awhile since I have....TPBM can not go one day without watching FRIENDS.
Больше года jamboni said…
False. :P

TPBM's favourite male character is Chandler.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
False. Ross is my favorite XD

TPBM liked Marcel the monkey over the chick and the duck
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
False. The chick and the duck FTW!

TPBM thought Janice was hilarious.
Больше года CherryCrush100 said…
TRUE!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

TPBM wanted Phoebe and Joey to get together!
last edited Больше года
 TRUE!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! TPBM wanted Phoebe and Joey to get together!
Больше года jamboni said…
Truuue, loved them. <3
TPBM thinks Phoebe looked best in season two.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
False, i loved how she looked season 10!

TPBM's jaw dropped when they saw monica and chandler in london
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
True! I was SO suprised XD

TPBM's favourite actress is Jennifer Anniston.
Больше года aiemerrysirius said…

The person below me can quote an entire ep.
Больше года ktgirl266 said…
FOR SURE!!! I can do alot of eps word for word, kinda sad but what can i say im obbsessed!!

TPBM thought Ross looked hot in his sailor suit XD
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
True, a guy in uniform always wins ahahXD

TPBM's favourite show is Friends.
Больше года User20392 said…
True, Friends and Supernatural.

TPBM has writed Friends related Fanfiction.
Больше года jamboni said…
False. I don't write fanfiction, I just read it! :)
TPBM prefers Monica/Chandler to Ross/Rachel.
Больше года leytonfaan_18 said…
False! Prefer RR by miles XD

TPBM didn't like Brad Pitt's character Will in Friends