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 Ross & Rachel
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ross geller
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This Друзья Фан-арт contains деловой костюм. There might also be tennis pro, профессиональный теннисист, теннис профессиональный, теннис, профессиональный игрок в теннис, теннисист, теннисистка, фрак, парадная, хвосты, белый галстук, белый галстук и хвосты, платье, костюм, фрака, хвост, белый галстук и хвост, полный платье, and хвост пальто.

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Name: Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.
D.O.B. : January 9, 1968
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Occupation(s): Actor
Nickname(s): Joey, Joe
-Father: Joseph Francis Tribbiani Sn.
-Mother: Gloria Tribbiani
-Sister(s): Tina, Dina, Gina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Cookie, Veronica Tribbiani.

The Hannigan's


Name: Mike Hannigan
D.O.B. : N/A
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Occupation(s): Pianist
-Spouse: Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan (2004-Present)
-Father: Theodore Hannigan, Frank Buffay Sn. (Father-in-law)
-Mother: Betsy Hannigan, Lily Buffay (deceased), Phoebe Abbott (Mother-in-law)...
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