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Друзья ➸ How Often Ты Watch The Show?

17 fans picked:
➸ daily
➸ a few times a week
➸ a few times a месяц
➸ hardly ever
➸ once a week
➸ never
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 makintosh posted ·12 месяцев назад
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Flickerflame picked ➸ hardly ever:
I used to watch episodes daily when I was in my teens, but now I hardly ever re-watch.
posted ·12 месяцев назад.
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Katy9555 picked ➸ a few times a week:
I watched every day, but now I have a little break so...a few times a week :D
posted ·12 месяцев назад.
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Nicolas97 picked ➸ once a week:
Thank u, ne(x)t)flix
posted ·6 месяцев назад.