Notes: Холодное сердце is not owned and created by me. This is a re-write of a Холодное сердце Fanfiction I wrote on a Назад Fanpop account, Windrises.

Queen Elsa was wearing a blue халат, одеяние and was looking for Princess Anna. Elsa saw Kai the butler and сказал(-а) "Have Ты seen Anna?"

Kai the butler сказал(-а) "She сказал(-а) she was going to go swimming in her pool."

Elsa сказал(-а) "But she doesn't have a pool. I'm going to find her."

Kai accidentally knocked a statue to the ground. Kai hid the broken pieces of the statue under the hallway rug.

Elsa walked to a room where she heard splashing sounds. Elsa opened the door and saw Anna in a new swimming pool.

Anna сказал(-а) "Hi Elsa. What's up?"

Elsa сказал(-а) "That's what I want to know."

Anna сказал(-а) "I bought a swimming pool and had it installed while Ты were on vacation."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Where's your swimsuit?"

Anna сказал(-а) "I'm taking a bath."

Elsa сказал(-а) "But you're in a swimming pool."

Anna сказал(-а) "This is a swimming tub."

Elsa сказал(-а) "What are Ты talking about?"

Anna сказал(-а) "It's a 2 pack. Ты can bathe and swim while in the swimming tub."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Well that's eccentric."

Anna сказал(-а) "I am really eccentric."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Well have fun I guess."

Anna сказал(-а) "You should try it."

Elsa сказал(-а) "I guess I'll try it out this one time." Elsa took off her халат, одеяние and got in the "swimming tub."

Anna сказал(-а) "You should of splashed in." Anna stepped out of the swimming tub and splashed back in.

Elsa jokingly splashed a little bit of water at Anna. Anna splashed a ton of water at Elsa.

A half час later Elsa got out of the swimming tub and сказал(-а) "I was in there for too long, but that was fun. Thank you."

Anna сказал(-а) "You're welcome."

Elsa сказал(-а) "I'm going to go read the newspaper. Want to Присоединиться me?"

Anna сказал(-а) "I'm going to play in the swimming tub for a few еще minutes." Anna stayed in there for a few еще hours.

It was finally lunch time. Anna raced out of the pool, put on a robe, and ran to the lunch table. Anna accidentally stepped on the broken statue pieces. Anna сказал(-а) "Hi Elsa."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Anna Далее time dry yourself off before coming into the kitchen." Anna noticed that there was water all over the кухня floor. Anna nervously smiled while Elsa face palmed.