Notes: This is a re-write of a Холодное сердце Fanfiction I wrote on a Назад Fanpop account, Windrises.

Princess Anna was excited about her birthday. It was early in the morning. She was wearing her розовый pajamas. Anna woke up and сказал(-а) "I wonder what Elsa has planned for me." Anna rushed out of her room and ran to the living room.

Queen Elsa was wearing her green pajamas. She сказал(-а) "Well Ты sure seem energetic this morning."

Anna сказал(-а) "Well yeah. Today's a very special day. Very special."

Elsa сказал(-а) "I guess."

Anna сказал(-а) "You probably have a big surprise planned for me, because you're such a good sister."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Um what are Ты talking about?"

Anna сказал(-а) "Something's wrong." Anna went back to her room and сказал(-а) "It seems like Elsa doesn't remember her own sister's birthday. I know how to remind her."

Anna returned to the living room dressed like a cake.

Elsa сказал(-а) "Why are Ты wearing a cake costume?"

Anna сказал(-а) "I'm pretty sure Ты know why."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Why do Ты even own that?"

Anna was disappointed. She went back to her bedroom and got on a purple dress. She сказал(-а) "Is today really my birthday? I'll check just to make sure." Anna checked the calendar and realized that it was Elsa's birthday, not hers. Anna сказал(-а) "Oh no. I forgot my sister's birthday. Well I'll change that. I'll give her a birthday party."

While Elsa took a душ Anna decorated the kingdom and got a vanilla cake ready. Anna сказал(-а) "The party is ready. I can't wait."

Elsa finished her shower. She was wearing a light blue towel. Anna сказал(-а) "Elsa come on. I've got a surprise for you."

Elsa asked "Can't Ты Показать me later?"

Anna сказал(-а) "No. I'm too excited."

Elsa сказал(-а) "But I need to get dressed."

Anna сказал(-а) "Your towel is modest enough so lets go." Anna showed Elsa the birthday decorations. Anna сказал(-а) "I forgot about your birthday, but I eventually remembered so here Ты go."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Thank Ты Anna."

Anna сказал(-а) "Come on Elsa. Lets go have some cake."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Now?"

Anna сказал(-а) "Yep."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Okay."

Anna and Elsa ate cake together. Elsa was embarrassed to still be wearing just a towel, but she enjoyed the party that Anna prepared for her.

After they finished eating cake Anna сказал(-а) "I didn't have time to get Ты a present."

Elsa сказал(-а) "That's okay."

Anna сказал(-а) "Don't worry. I have еще prepared. I got out all of your Избранное board games. Lets play." Elsa agreed to play. The 2 sisters played games for a few hours.

Anna сказал(-а) "That was fun."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Yeah. Thank you."

Anna сказал(-а) "You're welcome."

Anna and Elsa hugged.

Elsa walked back to her room and сказал(-а) "I can finally get my dress on." Elsa looked at the sky and noticed it was dark. Elsa сказал(-а) "Oh. Never mind."